Gigs coming up


It seems that the Gloaming are the band for the middle aged solicittors and accountants and the likes of Ireland. A bit of culture.

Except me* of course - I’m great.

*these days


Cow shit on wellies yes, but no dog shit on the floor.


Out in Whelan’s tonight supporting live music. Lot of lads on here would only go to big name stuff/events.


Got tickets there for the nephew for Post Malone for his birthday. Queued from 7.45 to 9.45 to get them from a Ticketmaster kiosk. I was about 100th in the queue. They were sold out online in 4 minutes.


I had to google him there … a white rapper… is he the next Eminem?


Well played.

I logged in at 9 but there was none left :confounded:


I was wondering what the queues were.

You are a good uncle.

Bringing my lad to his first gig next year. Twenty one pilots.


No idea. Never heard of him before yesterday but I am reliably informed that he is “bigger than Drake”.




I’m actually a legend.


I heard a lady in the lift saying she Q’ed too. Was it on Henry Street? Is this a new thing Ticketmaster are doing? Can you queue at any outlet?


Not a new thing.

If you’re queuing at a kiosk you may as well be also be trying online on the phone while you wait


I was. In fact the sales agent advised us to do that.


I’m hoping for an extra date to be announced :grimacing:


I don’t know how you do it


Jervis. Not a new thing but it’s pot luck. You’ve no idea how many tickets they’ll have. No worse than online in that regard I suppose. Still how bad if you have fuck all better to do with your time.

Margaret Cash was ahead of me in the queue and she managed to get 8 tickets.


I find The Gloaming particularly underwhelming, despite liking some of them individually.

It seems like it’s phoned in a little for me


Forensic planning.


Did you wander off anywhere nice for breakfast?


I wanted to get Tahini Paste and Anchoor (Mango) powder for a couple of recipes so I went into the Chinese Supermarket at the LUAS Stop.

Then I went to the coffee place at the Liffey St entrance of Armotts and had a flat white and a Portuguese custard tart. The coffee is very good there. After that I took a diversion down Henry Place to gaze at the bullet holes in the wall from 1916. That always moves me.