Gigs coming up


The sales agent said he believed one will be announced but not today.


I love Hayes and Cahill.

I have been raving about them on here for years.

They played themselves about a year back and mentioned that they appreciated that crowd way more than the bandwagon jumpers of the Gloaming attendees.


What’s their early stuff like?


Basically the fiddle and the acoustic with Hayes’s interpretation of old Irish jigs and reels.

Similar to the Gloaming in ways but without the bollox on the piano or any singing.


I’d say you were delighted with yourself with that little nod


Made my year!


By the way I have been to two Gloaming gigs. It’s all about Hayes really.


I’d say you are tone deaf to be honest.


Suede in the Bord Gais theatre on Sunday.
Not sure if the Bord Gais is best venue for a band
Seen them a few times and are always good




Saw them do a cool show with Bill Frissell about ten or eleven years ago in Ennis. Great collaboration.
Had to interview Hayes a year or two later over the phone. He was frosty initially (perhaps it was the time difference) but when I mentioned the collaboration, he was well up for the chat


Saw Kraftwerk in the BGE and it was a splendid venue for it.


I like them. They could lose the piano though.


A Chriost dèan trocaire. The piano makes the whole thing what it is.


Without Hayes they’d be nothing - although the other lad is a fine fiddler.


Suede were fantastic in Bord Gais tonight
Brett Anderson is some front man (reckon he could run a decent 10km time - based on energy output)


Bespoke no less, la di fuckin da


Was the same for Chris Rock.


Great news. I didn’t realise there was a gig on in the mart that is the 3Arena. It’ll keep the numpties out of Vicar St hopefully :slight_smile: