Gigs coming up


I dont know how you do it


A 5 day old post, @Fagan_ODowd you should be very proud of yourself.


Post Malone? Sounds like some scumbag from Abbeyfeale.

Was at Low last night in Vicar St. Very good though I did have a seat near the stage. No phones, no talking, no fucking numpties on mobile phones, no “influencer” type twats. Just good music.


They’ll sell out Croker 3 times surely.


I’ll be in the Spiegeltent, Wexford this evening to see The Stunning.



Did I mention that I got tickets for the Gloaming by phoning the nch


How retro. I got them online.


Brilliant news. I’d say it will be a great gig - make sure to fire up a full review pal… Sailors Bonnet would nearly be worth the fee alone.


No Lindsey no party.



Tempted. Anyone want my Corrosion of Conformity ticket for DOlans tonight? €10!


Are you in queue? cc @Fagan_ODowd


2 pitch tickets sorted. What a start to the day!


Phosphorescent in the Tivoli on Francis Street on Saturday
Saw him few years ago and he was great


The Tivoli is shutting after Christmas which I was disappointed to hear.

A proper dingey hole.


Was never in it before so curious/frightened to see what it’s like


That was announced months ago


It’s fuckin class. I hope the guys that run it can find another spot, they have the right idea.


Yeah - and?