Gigs coming up


Going to see Shame ans the Fontaines there next month. The right spot for it.


Only 52.


I doubt he’ll be going to any gig coming up mate


I hope to see the word “mogul” feature in the more detailed reports and obituaries. All those who attended the POD in the late 1990s and early 2000s will be devastated by this news. RIP.


The POD was a shithole populated by cunts.


52 is no age these days.


Off to see Mastodon in the Brixton Academy in January.


I see Scott Kelly is playing on tour with them


Great gig
Tivoli has its own unique charm


Counting Crows knocked it out of the park tonight.


Pixies, Roundhouse in Camden, now


Great tits .

Enjoy the gig .


Class. They’re brilliant every time I’ve seen them.


And what about the Pixies?




Tickets for Massive Attack and for the Specials go on sale Friday.



The pixies ? How you rate the show ?


The show was excellent, sound great, just lashed out the hits, no bullshit pandering to the audience. Atmosphere was poor enough though. Middle-aged, middle-class brits are dry as fuck


They don’t talk to the audience they just rip though the songs, I think they’re fuckin brilliant.

Did satriani do his mad guitar solo party piece, playing the guitar with a beer bottle and that craic?


Ah Christ!