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Charles Thompson is milking the fuck out of the Pixies’ legacy.

He pretty much conceded that the reason they reformed was because he had kids going to college.


I saw them on the first reunion tour (04 I think) at Brixton Academy. Great show, but I haven’t brought myself to listening to a full Pixies album since.


Really odd post. I suppose other old bands that still play live are doing it for the love of it? Or is it not ok to go see a band once they are past their best? You get that being a musician is a job, would you rather they go work in tesco?


They must have played around the UK and Ireland every year since they reformed and twice some years.

Thompson pissed me off in Marley Park when he walked off stage mid-Debaser as he said his guitar was broken.

After that I saw them again in the Iveagh Gardens but when I saw that they were playing in Trinity less than a year later I thought enough for a while.


I saw them in the Phoenix Park on that tour. They were brilliant.

I was listening to Trompe Le Monde earlier. Probably their worst album pre break up but still an 8 or a 9 out of 10 for me.


You’ve now moved the goal posts and not answered the question.

His guitar was unplugged in marley park to get them off the stage and it was not in the middle of debaser you are making that up.

The iveagh gardens and trinity gigs were both summer, basically a year apart.

What a load of tripe.


I was at that gig

Sublime: the pixies & Groove armada
ridiculous/shite: the thrills & RHCP


Where did you hear that from?!


That was clear to everyone.


Good one.

Why would they unplug his guitar? He’s the rhythm guitarist. Surely it would make more sense to unplug satriani’s - the lead guitarist?


I’ll stand corrected if I’m wrong, I recall he actually said something along the lines of “my guitar has been unplugged I guess that’s my cue to finish”, it wasn’t a walk off, and it definitely wasn’t mid song as you’ve made up.


It was. Early mid song maybe but mid song nonetheless.


It did not happen as you described and I think you owe Charles an apology.

You also didn’t respond to my query as to when it’s ok for a band to tour because it’s their job and they need to make money.


When did I say I ever had a problem with a band touring?

What I said was that Charles Thompson was milking the Pixies’ legacy. The 04 reunion tour was fine but then he reformed the band following an average solo career, delivered two poor albums and has toured constantly, mainly playing the greatest hits.


So you have a problem with bands touring playing their hits in general? All of them? At what point is it ok to reform and play the hits and when is it not?


The Pixies are a load of diddy.


Ah here - I have said what I had to say. I am not going to get involved in semantics.




Are you suggesting that Joe Satriani toured with the Pixies?


So you can’t back that up at all then. Grand.