Gigs coming up


They’re not on my radar pal. That should tell you all you need to know.


The 1975? Beyond shit. Poor man’s INXS.


They’re not that bad (as INXS).
They’re like what you get if you take all the music from the 80s, blend it, apply autotune and modern digital bells and whistles. All that said, they are as you say, a few good bits mixed in with a load of shite.


Job done. I should have known when TUM was touting them.

By the way, it looks like aphex twin will be doing the festival circuit this summer.


Great. He does a great live show.


I only ever saw him at forbidden fruit there last and it was mind blowing.


Mate is backstage at this - an alcohol free zone :joy::joy::joy::joy:



Christ that’s painful.


Unreal gig pal. You can’t beat seeing a band at the height of their powers.

The kids know.


Ah sure. To each their own.


What age are you? Genuine question