Gigs coming up

Presume it’s a sectioned off area up the front. There used always be a sort of ring barrier there to prevent crushes years ago but they seem to have stopped doing that? Maybe we’ve become more civilised. I got general tickets myself. It’s my first time noticing the “waiting room” to buy tickets, so for high demand concerts you now need to be online before they go on sale to be in the queue. God be with the days when you’d queue up outside golden discs.

Noticed that for Peter Kay. I was in the waiting room 5 minutes before general sale and I was 25,000 in the queue for Saturday night and 10,000 for Thursday night. I was in the waiting room 10 minutes before today and I was more or less straight in to the tickets.

Didn’t your beloved tay tay have a big blow up with that gee bag Alburn and the taylorites hate him? How are you squaring that circle?

And it really really really could happen…

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Streets like a jungle
So call the police

Shes says theres ants in the carpet

Dermot Kennedy
7th July Thomond Park

Cc @Thomas_Brady

@thelimericks will be too busy winning an All Ireland semi final that weekend to be bothering with that lad

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Carcass …Dolan’s Paddy’s night


Let me know if he plays PUC.

That’s not a bad line up at all

The initial Forest Fest line-up reveal for next July features Suede, Ash, Big Country, Bronagh Gallagher & Band, Carrie Baxter, Frank and Walters, Gabrielle, Hermitage Green, Jack Lukeman, Nik Kershaw, N.O.A.H, Pastiche, Something Happens, Sharon Shannon, The Primitives, The Proclaimers, The Riptide Movement, The Undertones, and Walk The Line.

Organisers promise that further headliners and numerous other acts are yet to be announced.

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Kraftwerk announced for Kings Johns Castle @Thomas_Brady @caulifloweredneanderthal @glasagusban

@Fagan_ODowd a mixed grill awaits in the Greenhills


That’s a quare one. Sure there’s none of the original line up left.

Is there not one of them still alive?

You’re right. Ralf is still with us.

I’m going anyway if I get a ticket. Cheers for the heads up @Phil_Leotardo

I’ll be in touch with the @limericks later asking for recommendations for grub, pubs and hotel rooms and generally as to my personal safety in the city.

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Pet Shop Boys Greatest Hits tour Dublin 19 June

The answer will still be Finnegan’s.

I’d love to see them but a trip to Limerick to see Kraftwerk may be a tough sell to the missus.

It didn’t go well the last time if i recall?

Would you not go on your own.