Gigs coming up

When I saw the announcement I thought happy Mondays and primal scream would be a great gig, pity about Noel Gallagher tacked onto it.


I was the same.

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I was looking forward to seeing happy Mondays at the end of last year. They were atrocious though.

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Daycent line up that

Yeah went to it in 2017 when Aphex Twin also headlined. It was a really nice venue with a great vibe.

Shit I got excited til I saw this was London. Hopefully means aphex twin will have some Ireland dates too.

Is it all outdoor or are stages inside large tents?
That type of music better suited to indoors during the summer I feel.

The last time in 2017 Aphex Twin played inside a massive tent. I inveigled my way in early and got right up the front and had a ball with all these kids who kept telling me this owl lad won’t last long. Eventually my bladder called a halt to the fun


I’d expect a mini European tour that may or may not involve Ireland.

Fingers crossed. The time I saw him in Kilmainham was incredible.

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I’m off to The 1975 tonight. A fantastic band.

Fever Ray


Karin now prefers the pronoun ‘They’

Enoch will be putting the tickets up on Toutless.

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Bob Odenkirk in NCH

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Lisa O’Neill in Whelan’s last night, she is sensational.


Post Malone
Wu Tang Clan and Nas.

I think she’s cat.

Young people these days, stick to your Post Malone :roll_eyes:

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