Gigs coming up


Weed & E no problem. Can’t think off the top of my head who’s the go to guy ref poppers though. :thinking:


Ah Freddie is a prolific songwriter, some really good stuff as well, but there’s few people living or dead who could write a ‘Martha’


LCD Soundsysten sold out in seconds this morning. I know about 20-30 people that were online trying to get tickets, and a couple that went to shops, two got lucky. Ticket master really are horrible cunts.


I have a few up on seatwave for the right price.




But seriously, if you come across any I’ll take them.


LCD sound system are a pile of wank.


The ‘dance’ arcade fire. Bedwetters. Lot of baristas disappointed with Ticketmaster this morning.




I mentioned this to my holiday companion (wife’s best friends husband) this evening and it turns out he picked up a couple of tickets, one with my name on it if I wanted. Also has a ticket for Grizzly Bear for me around the same time if I want it. What a legend


@farmerinthecity not exactly a gig but there is a BBC Prom concert featuring the music of Scott Walker on tonight at 10pm. Featuring Jarvis Cocker. Will probably be on one of the BBC channels and Radio 3.


Was on BBC 4 tv last night. Daycent


Yeah just realised that. It’s on the bbc player though.


tickets left?


There were during the week


I should have securing some weeks ago, never seen them live and it will be savage. the misses mad to go as well. will pick up a couple


Cool. I’m defo heading in.

Think I’ll dress up like the keyboard player



He was wearing a disco ball on his head the night I saw them in Berlin.


Fair enough