Gigs coming up


There’ll be some gorgeous vegan grub to be had as well.


Hopefully mate. A feast for all the senses.


Hit the midfield area on Saturday afternoon. You never know what you’d see…


A bitcoin vending machine?


See you there bro, usual spot in Mindfield ok?


The midfield area?


Just looking at Electric picnic line-up, Christ it’s awful for the money being charged.




Its hilarious what the snowflakes will pay through the nose for.


There’s rumours that some Blake fella will make a surprise appearance at the Picnic, it seems the kids are big into him. Apparently he’s a friend of Giggsy who is performing. This is all very confusing but I think he’s a member of the rap community and looks very like Lukaku.


Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you “The Watt”.

In every town and village in Ireland, there is a “character”, known by all in the county and somtimes further. He’s harmless and lovable, and has a good yarn for anyone he meets.

In Stradbally, this person is “The Watt”.

“The Watt” is as Stradbally as they come, and “The Watt” is sound.


It’s like they are talking about @Horsebox - harmless - character - good for a yarn.


I’d say The Watt and The Horse would get on famously.


Guys - I’m going to a secret gig on Friday that I’m not allowed talk about.


What band is it and where’s it on, mate?


FFS sake

we all had the wit to let it go and just ignore it yet you had to ask


I can’t say.


It’s in the Triskel


Ah go on. I’m intrigued.


No, but it is in a church …