Giving up coffee


I stopped buying takeout coffee for about 3 years (apart from Saturdays) but have started back in the last 2 or 3 months as the coffee in work is so bad now it is undrinkable. So I have a cup of tea at 9am (2 bags in the mug, left for a good 2 minutes), another mug of tea around 10:45am and then I get a coffee on the way back from lunch, usually at 1:15pm or so as I’m an early luncher. I sometimes will go for an afternoon mug of tea then if I need it which I do now as I didn’t get a great nights sleep last night.


I have one of those Nestle Barrista instant coffees with my breakfast and then another at the coffee dock beside my work before I start work.

That’s me done then.

I used to have another one in the afternoon but I felt that I would slump badly about an hour or so afterwards. I am in enough of a slump at that stage without something adding to it.


Do you buy your lunch as well or do you bring it in in a tupperware box? Do you have a reusable coffee mug or do you get a cup and throw it in the bin every time you buy a coffee?


Caffeine is brilliant.

Embrace it.


Citizens should be free to cull anyone carrying a disposable coffee cup.


In my workplace its 25 cent for tea if you have a reusable cup or 50 cent if you have a paper cup.


+1. I wouldnt be caught dead with one of those things.


Another nordie bollix destroying the environment. Is it not enough driving around using IRA diesel?


I launder my own diesel


Sounds like a civilised forward thinking workplace. You’ll be a director within months


Mick the muldoon using tonnes of plastic cups every year and destroying the sea, just so he can have his cheap cup of coffee


Next thing t’will be the Guinness in those reusable cups. Fuckin’ hell lads! It will be serious then.


Imagine carrying around a coffee cup with you everywhere :smile:

Fuck sake, you’d be laughed out of it for that carryon on the mainland.


Having to pay for tea in your workplace is very wrong


Oireland 10 years behind the times as usual :joy:


If you really care about the environment then just don’t drink a drink responsible for massive deforestation, erosion of natural habitats and flown thousands of miles to you.


People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones


The oirish are some shower of savages if you think about it


I buy my lunch and I get the takeaway cups and throw them in the bin afterwards. Imagine being one of those deviants who brings a reusable coffee cup home from work with them so they can get it filled up on their way into work again the next day. In the age of Revolut, contactless cards, smartphones and people freely going about their business without having to haul stuff around, you have these flat earthers bringing reusable cups on their work commutes every day. It’s scandalous.


Waitrose’s have done away with plastic cups and everywhere else is following suit. Bring your own cup ffs