Giving up coffee


Next thing it’ll be bring your own plate and cutlery to restaurants. That’s the way it’s going these days I suppose.


In Limerick they don’t reuse coffee cups but they do reuse teabags.


Would you use the washable nappies or do you use disposable nappies?


A weirdo in my office carries around one of these yokes daily. Says its BPA free or some shite like that. I quipped that it might be BPA free but it comes with a free gimp to carry it. Oh how we all laughed at him and my wonderful quip.


I don’t really care, I just like the idea of a cull


I use the disposable ones and so does my son.


Once bitten, eh?


That some class of sex toy?


Frank Green, I’d say you’d be all over it.


Where is the handle?


I’m really hoping this is an Infinity War reference.


You must spend on an awful amount of money on your daily consumables. Some small tweaks to your lifestyle could help you to be more environmentally friendly, save money and be healthier all in one fell swoop. Would help you break that 25 minute barrier too.



A clutter free mind is very important for reaching goals. I have a glass mug here in the office for my 1 a day… I dont buy take away coffees when out and about.


I don’t want to save money.


Somebody has to keep the economy going



roasters still complaining about “afternoon slumps” in 2019 drinking gallons of coffee at their desk in cheap plastic cups at 3pm to try and fight off the sleep after the massive sugar spike after their refined carb filled lunch, jesus christ :rofl: you could not actually make it up


To the second


Like clockwork


Lads complaining about the litter situation while drinking 2 or 3 disposable cups of coffee per day. You couldn’t make it up