Giving up coffee




seems to be a savage problem with constipation aswell, some lads need a few cups to have a decent shite


Nothing at all stale about that post?


It was a mild barb.

I’ve deleted it now and I apologize


You are doing a wonderful job policing the Forum.


The sooner the superbowl is over and the hurling starts back, the better :roll_eyes:


It doesn’t bother me in the slightest, but it’s stale banter, as somebody else said you need to recognise your own part


Look at the Roaster lashing out, off for your tae now.


Been getting on for 5 cups a day lately. One first thing, one before gym, one after lunch, one after dinner and then one whenever. That often increases if I’m on a night shift. I’d have nothing to do at work if I gave the stuff up.


One cup of bullet proof in the morning is sufficient for a free bowel. Along with a spoon of psyllium husk in the porridge


I rarely use the husk these days, I must get back on it, I want to shite my insides out on this diet I’m on


I’d say you don’t give a shite about the environment either, but what about your own health and your ultimate fitness goal?


What? You’re not going to e-coerce me into making vegetable lasagna for the week every Sunday night to store in tupperware in my freezer. You’ve gone off on a tangent.


How would vegetarian lasagne help your fitness goals? You’re being g very defensive and jumping to conclusions.


Not at all. Just trying to cut to the chase and see where you’re going with the barista versus instant coffee debate & seemingly some link between the former and health & fitness? But not the latter?


I carry a reusable greggs beaker everywhere on the mainland, but then even my daughter says I’m the biggest weirdo in the school.


You are helping to save the environment


And you get two stamps in cafe nero. Win win win. Bar I don’t think cafe nero in alderley edge like the tone of the greggs beaker.


I hate those loyalty cards. I never take one. Fiddly fucking things that just clog up your wallet.

The look on some fellas faces when they realize they are entitled to a free coffee is priceless though.


You were on about splurging money on reusable coffee cups which you then discard and then on about people who bring their lunches in tupperware. You’re wasting your own money, ruining the environment and having a detrimental impact on your waistline and indeed your efforts to break the all important 25 minute barrier.