Guards - Cunts or Not


Agreed. She should count herself lucky she wasn’t done for the mirror too


It was only a mess mate, not the ticket but the mention of you,

Is it illegal to have a bit of tape on the outside of your mirror?


And he with 3 months off scratching his useless hole to get it done too.


No, but if not fixed it’ll cause you to fail the NCT and therefore void the road worthiness of the car. I’m only for your own good mate.


A cracked mirror casing will fail the NCT, seriously?


I would imagine so, yes. @carryharry should be able to answer that mate, I’m busy tracking a few Loyalists here that we’re hoping to plant drugs on and set up when we get the chance.


I’d crack his thick skull.


Be sure and plant them well up there.


No, mines broken ages.


Superbly done mate


Would ye not fix broken mirrors lads? It’s not that fucking expensive or hard. We’re talking your own safety and in some cases that of your family.


Same cunts probably havent a clue what or where a blind spot is.

It’s actually terrifying to be sharing roads with these cunts.


Listen mate, my mirror is perfect, there’s a bit of tape on the back of it that covers a crack and keeps the casing in position, the glass is 100% and the electrics still operate perfectly, I’m sure that the Garda can confirm all this,


That sounds like it would have no relevance to the safety of the car. It will most likely fail the NCT and you will have to pay for a re-sit.


BTW the average gard is, in my opinion, a decent person embittered by constant exposure to the worst of human nature. A good garda is worth their weight in gold, being the most sensible, pragmatic and decent human being you’d ever meet. A bad garda is the polar opposite.


I find them to be just like everybody else, I know a few gardai very well and they’d never talk about the job or I’d never ask about it. It’s a job.


Yep, a machine that goes over 100 miles an hour, with an important part held together, with a piece of tape.



Jaysus, you’re absolutely relentless :grinning:


Fix your wifes fucking mirror you useless cunt or have you no respect for her or your childrens safety?


It’s quite frightening how petty you are in your bearing of a grudge. Does this go on for ever??
Let me be clear again as I am the one who knows, the mirror is fine, it is no more danger than a crack on the door handle or the radio,