Guards - Cunts or Not


They were lucky no one was too injured. We all have jobs to go to in the morning.


There could have been a family there or anything.


I am proceeding on foot


I wonder were there any pairs of eyetalan sports shoes handed in?


This is actually unbelievable.

“Here Jimmy one of the machine guns has fallen out of the boot there 20 feet away. You better head down towards Stephen’s Green and we’ll loop around and pick it up.”


I suspect they did not notice for a while. They have blue lights and sirens so could have stopped car and got out and retrieved it.


You try running in those shitty safety boots they have to wear…


This seems highly unlikely mate. Where was this reported?


Yeah I suspect it is too unbelievable, even for them.


If it was a snack box that fell out of the boot they’d break 10 laws retrieving it in record time.


The missus was stopped and ticketed just now for looking at her mobile phone on the Dock road, she was driving a Ford with a damaged wing mirror
Coincidence @Breaking_my_balls??


So you didn’t get the mirror fixed? Can’t say he didn’t warn you.


The mirror is fine mate, it’s just a bit of duct tape to cover a crack


That never happened


Why are you asking @Breaking_my_balls . Was she messaging him on WhatsApp at the time?


Mate I’m currently dealing with a bit of surveillance North of the border regarding the 12th, I’ve bigger scampi to fry than your missus’ Ford with the dodgy mirror. Tell her get off the phone ffs.


The cunt spends hundreds on new tackies for himself every month but won’t repair the broken wing mirror on the wife’s car. On here preaching to everyone all day, what a hypocrite.


Accusing me of setting her up then ffs, you’d swear he was Conor McGregor :rollseyes:


Good to see proper enforcement of the traffic legislation by the authorities, it’s dangerous to be on your phone while driving.


At least she was wearing a seat belt