Hate crime legislation

We now have lads in Ireland getting their opinions about Ireland from right wing American grifters whose sum understanding of Ireland is that it has leprechauns, Guinness and a communist dictatorship.

800 reports in 48 hours :joy:

We’d triple that here with the amount of screaming marys around.




What kind of statement or action could someone be convicted of under the proposed new Irish hate speech laws?

Fuck Tipp?

Whatever about conviction, the process alone could ruin you… the guards could arrest you and send you to court on the word of a screaming headbanger … You’re as good as guilty to the world then.

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There are some despicable cunts that walk among us.


@MountLeinster’s lot are a strange bunch




Not reported

What type of thing though? Could they not do that now under the existing legislation?



The Scotch will tell a lot, there’s always screaming Mary’s jumping on every bandwagon going but it’ll be reserved for the worst type of cunt like we see in the replies to that mother above
In the Western world we benefit from human rights to the nth degree, including free speech, but we don’t and never should have the right to take away anybody else’s

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No. That’s what this legislation is trying to address really, the old legislation is ineffective and from an age before social media. Looks like FG will delay it now to be effectively shelved within the lifetime of this government. Playing populist politics to the screaming Mary’s, that’s the way it’s gone now. They’ll be wiped out at the next election thankfully.

No one will pick it up tho… If they do they’ll have to try define hate and nit leave it to the courts like they tried to do with the durex relationship referendum.

they have already defined hate mate, stop parroting Gript

Prohibition of Incitement To Hatred Act, 1989 (irishstatutebook.ie)