Have you ever seriously considered emigrating?

Well, have you? And to where?

We’ve discussed it here a small bit recently and I’ve found myself looking up jobs the last couple of weeks. Most likely South of Spain if we were. Im caught between wanting my kids to grow up Irish but I also not liking what this country is becoming, or has become. It’s only a thought now and not sure it will go anywhere but the dream is nice.




Go for it, open a cafe bar and we can all come out to visit on our holi bops


Boston after College. Easy to do when you have no dependents.
Both of you need to be 100 percent on the same wave length (obviously you know that). Women like to be near family for the most part. I would be worried about the strain on a relationship (with kids) without that family support.


We’ve no support as it is. My mother is in Limerick and her mother is away 9 months of the year so in that regard it makes no odds.

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I can see it Thomás Bradys LiverpoolFC/New England Pats/Irish pub/cafe. Very popular haunt for Mun in the sun

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Applied for the Donnelly visa back in the 80s. From memory think I had a chance of getting it but a job came up here and I didn’t pursue it. Ireland in the 80s was a fairly grim place and on top of that you had cunts like Gay Byrne talking the place down at every opportunity.


Know anyone that took it and made a go of things?

Had a proper professional job lined up in NZ. Personal circumstances stopped me wasnt the right time

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I knew a chap that went out there and got rich in the asbestos removal industry. I worked for him for him for a while.

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His own business that he wouldn’t go to. Nice.


Id love to emigrate.- to a place where I’m properly appreciated, where my talents are recognised and rewarded etc.
As soon as i find such a place I’m off.


My brother has lived in the US for a decade. Married to an American with American kids and has full visa etc now. Makes plenty money has a decent lifestyle but despises the US


Can’t blame him. The US would be an awful place to live and bring up kids.

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I lived, worked, drank and hoored in Germany for two years in my early twenties. It was a whale of a time, but a woman brought me home and I’m with her since, God bless her.

It’s a different dynamic when you’re young and single. You have kids @Thomas_Brady and the commitment of emigrating is a serious one. Tread carefully, my friend. May good fortune be with you.


Handy handy money. Ive met plenty of pub owners who are teetotalers,always sours cunts

Brutal. 100 times worse if you have no money mind you

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Avoid Australia, Canada and New Zealand anyway, mate.

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I left in 2003 and came back 2016. Oz for 2/3s of it, US the other bit.

I’m waiting for the kids to finish tertiary education/qualification etc and I’ll be emigrating (another 10 years or so to go). Not too many places better to raise kids from my experience so will bail when the raising is done