Holiday destinations for the accompanied traveller

On home soil. Magical lough gur tonight


@Juhniallio or @backinatracksuit can you bump or link your London suggestions posts for me? Thanking you

Cc @Mac heres mine. Go up to that post and there should be one or two others before and after. Trackiw is after. @binkybarnes and a few others gave me good advice before we went too around jan/feb

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Sorry mate, I don’t think I had much advice to give,
It’s a great city, lots to do, we only scraped the surface in 6 days

The Clare Riviera is in great nick today. Mcganns Doolin still do the best fish and chips in the country


In Tarifa. I’d say the weather is better in West Clare…
Though the Mark Wahlberg Brad Pitt lookalikes put the lobster colour Irish head to shame

Lads, anyone done a family holiday in ephesus, turkey?

Any tips

Watch Swimmers on Netflix. They went through close to there.