Holiday destinations for the accompanied traveller

On home soil. Magical lough gur tonight


@Juhniallio or @backinatracksuit can you bump or link your London suggestions posts for me? Thanking you

Cc @Mac heres mine. Go up to that post and there should be one or two others before and after. Trackiw is after. @binkybarnes and a few others gave me good advice before we went too around jan/feb

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Sorry mate, I don’t think I had much advice to give,
It’s a great city, lots to do, we only scraped the surface in 6 days

The Clare Riviera is in great nick today. Mcganns Doolin still do the best fish and chips in the country


In Tarifa. I’d say the weather is better in West Clare…
Though the Mark Wahlberg Brad Pitt lookalikes put the lobster colour Irish head to shame

Lads, anyone done a family holiday in ephesus, turkey?

Any tips

Watch Swimmers on Netflix. They went through close to there.

There’s 4 or 5 of us thinking of heading abroad around late July / mid august.

A nice mix of decent night life and culture is what we are looking for one or two of the lads having girl fiends so we want a mix of some good things to do at night and then somewhere there’ll be a bit to do during the day.

Any hidden gems or recommendations. I was thinking inter-railing but my might be a bit shit in high summer.

Lisbon (city ) and cascais (beach ) and Douro valley (wine )


I was in Lisbon last week with work but got to see fuck all of it. Ate at some outdoor food market type thing the last evening and then walked down that main street to the arch. Streets seemed pretty quiet and we struggled to find a place for pints. Although we did eventually find a great little bar with craft beer.

Definitely a place I’d like to go back for a proper look.


Thats some drop from the high level carrots dangled by @TheUlteriorMotive. ‘We wandered round and barely found a boozer…’

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Go island hopping in croatia

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Depending on how much you want to do at night, (3 a.m. in the morning job or few drinks and home early) Sorrento has the culture in that you can go to Pompeii, Herculaneum, Vesuvius and the nice restaurants; nightlife isn’t what you call mad but still a few bars to get drinks in that are small and have a good atmosphere. If you’re planning on doing activities/tours during the day, you probably won’t want to be staying up all night drinking

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Budapest pal. Great spot

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Tarifa or San Sebastian. You’d be mad to go to southern continental Europe in late July or mid August though. The heat. And in somewhere like Naples. F**k that. Northern Spain might be a bit more agreeable climate wise.


Thank you

I suppose any big Italian or Spanish city will have plenty to do, but will be like ovens in August. Inter railing around Germany or Benelux countries could be a good one.

Prague has everything @BruidheanChaorthainn or Berlin

History, culture, food, booze, nightclubs.

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Aarhus, Denmark. Pubs open til 5 if that your game. Loads of cultural things of a viking nature, arts etc. It’s also a university city so lots of young people (with a very high percentage of hotties).

They also are genuinely very fond of red heads with more red tops walking around there than you’d likely find anywhere else.

Can add Copenhagen and Malmo into the excursion too.

Seriously warm this time of year and beaches well worth a visit as are topless.