Holiday destinations for the accompanied traveller


Dublin to Cork, Cork to Donegal/Belfast back to Dublin would be too much travelling, on top of flying from Singapore to Ireland and back again.


Christ I’ll have to bring her to Killarney won’t I.


Anything to do in Kilkenny for 3 days?


Travel to Carlow, Wexford & Waterford.


If it’s someone who’s never been then Killarney, ring of Kerry, Dingle, Slea Head would be hard bet if you got good weather. You’d probably be able to arrange tours from Killarney handy enough too


This. And fly down to Farranfore to save yourself 4 hours driving


Paddy wagon


Remind us again whats issue with renting a car? Its cheap as chips


Will probably choose either Kilkenny or Killarney. Would rather the former as its otw to Dublin. Any good hotel in Killarney that won’t cost a mini fortune in June?


I’ve barely driven in the past 6 years.


Kilkenny hotels are generally more expensive than Killarney


Have you a license? The Oirish are terrible drivers. No one will take any notice of you.


yes, there’s a bus that goes right by the cliffs on its way up to Galway


Hotel Killarney is cheap and functional, good base to explore Kerry, you’d barely knock an afternoon out of Kilkenny.

Are ye the hiking or cycling type at all, Killarney bates everywhere for that


We let the yanks drive around Slea Head. Surely @turenne be grand. He probably could have two pints with a bit of stew at lunchtime.


With the amount of grub he eats I doubt he’s the athletic type.


In fairness @glasagusban is his only rival for gluttony and I’d say he’s one of the fittest cunts here


You have hardly forgotten how to drive surely? The bus service is very good between the major cities, with plenty options, so you could take a bus from the airport to Cork and back. Rent a car for a few days and I’d second the Kerry trip, if she hasn’t been to the Dingle peninsula its spectacular in summer.


You can get the green bus from Dublin to Killarney


Yeah glas is ‘fit fat’ in fairness