Holiday destinations for the accompanied traveller


Heading off to Lanzarote on Friday. I have do work Friday Aug 24th for one afternoon whilst away and have planned to meet friends on another 2 separate days, therefore I may not be in a position to give hourly updates. Sorry about that guys.
cc @Bandage @backinatracksuit


So jel, have a blast hun xoxox


Enjoy the break, you work hard enough, hope you pulled rank with those two bitches in the office again :facepunch:


Naw we’re besties now. Have to do figures with one of them on the Friday.


Where are you staying there?

Presume you won’t be in with the riff Raff in Peurto Del Carmen


No. Los Jameos playa, well outside PDC.


Have stayed in Playa Blanca and Costa Teguise. A lovely island mate.hope you and the family enjoy


Will do. Be there next week for the AI, looking forward to it out there.


Lads - heading to Sicily at the end of September. Flying in and out of Catania and in Sicily for about 10 days. I seem to recall that various posters (@Bandage @glasagusban) have visited here over the years.

What are your tips, thoughts and hidden gems to consider?


@balbec is your man for Sicily


I think I flew into Palermo and was mainly there and Scopello. It was unreal and very hot. Rent a car and do two or three nights in a few different places. Eat absolutely everything.


Just did a search of this thread and I did a little overview of my Sicily trip last May/June on post #394 above. I think a car rental would help you see/do more. We flew into Palermo and stayed a couple of nights there (2 nights is sufficient) and then collected the car. Did a bit of a down, across and back up then to Agrigento, Syracusa and Taormina before flying out from Catania. I liked the places we stopped off at but there are loads of alternative options. We didn’t get a chance to go to those Aeolian Islands either.


A friend of mine is just back from Sicily and he was disappointed with how mich rubbish there was around the place? Said it was a filthy place


Bandage lives in Dublin, he was probably impressed with how clean it was.


It’s definitely more “gritty” than the mainland. You might go into a restaurant toilet with piss all over the place like the matchday toilets in Croker or somewhere and you could go down the odd side street to find bags of rubbish left there. But your pal sounds like a soft, complaining cunt overall.


There you have it now lads, Palermo is hot. You don’t get that sort of insight in many other places.


Harsh but very accurate


To add more colour to this:

I live in a brothel in Dublin which overlooks a bus garage.


Was in Taormina last year around the same time. It’s about an hour north of Catania. Had some fairly mixed weather, it absolutely lashed a couple of days we were there. Brilliant food, there was a restaurant in a little village above it called Castelmola (unreal views) which did a pistachio gnocchi so good I had it twice. Did a boat tour out to Lipari (grand) and Stromboli (awesome) which was probably the highlight of the trip. Stromboli erupts like clockwork; seeing a fountain of lava spraying from its crater, even from a distance, is totally gnarly, man.


Thanks. Heard mixed reports on Taormina. Do you reckon it’s worth a couple of days?