Holiday destinations for the accompanied traveller


The timing was just right to start a family.


Vague plan at this stage is for a couple of days in Syracuse, a couple of days in Ragusa and a couple of days somewhere else, maybe Taormina.


It was unspoilt and spotless where I went


Did both of those boat trips. Was based in Giardini Naxos a seaside place down the road from Taormina. Was up in Taormina a few days. Went to Mount Etna can’t remember how and went to Syracusa by train. Trains very late iirc. Catania a gritty looking place.


A couple of days I can recommend, It’s a lovely setting, the Greek theatre is spectacular and it is quite close to Etna. Busy, but not oppressively so at that time of year, outside of the main street which will be thronged. Will you be driving?


Was there a sandy beach down at Naxos? Was one thing we missed alright, there’s a few rocky beaches around Taormina that didn’t really appeal.


Yeah - plan to rent a car for the duration. Prob stay in some Agriturismos too


The right job. I didn’t do it when I was there and regret it. Did a similar thing in Northern Italy last month, rented a car and went to a few different places. Much more enjoyable when you have that freedom.




I liked Taormina myself. Quite picturesque and you can drive to a Mount Etna day trip from there (45 minutes drive maybe). Did a hike up to that higher up village Castlemola from there too. Other than that it’s quaint with the Main Street, Greek Theatre and down to the beach. Nice restaurants and, being from Wexford, the outdoor opera was something to savour. The place can become thronged, though, if a cruise ship has a stopover and loads of @Fagan_ODowd types descend on the place. Think we did 3 nights there and only 1 in Syracusa.


If you make it over to Agrigento there are lovely sandy beaches at the Turkish Steps. Grand place to spend a beach day, and the temples and town itself is another nice day out. Some arancini and ice cream to keep you going.


What’s the connection to Wexford ? Strawberries? travelers?


I didn’t realise it at the time, but you essentially did the same trip to Taormina & Castelmola as I did a couple of months before me. I’ve given your post from Castelmola & Bar Turrisi a retrospective “like”, as is right and proper.


2 nights. Sligo/Galway /Mayo. Decent hotel, nearby horseriding for the wee girl.
Any suggestions?


Limerick will be good tomorrow night lads, and go see adare on Tuesday and galbally on Wednesday


Kilmallock on Thursday.


Hotel Westport, free access to Westport house, horse riding out the rosmoney road by the golf club


Good spot for kids?


One of the best


Lake Garda folks … any must dos or highly recommended sights? Verona and Venice also …

cc @Phil_Leotardo, @Bandage, @balbec et al…