Holiday destinations for the accompanied traveller


When are you gonna lave a load in that poor girl?


After my operation.


You will love it. Coffee. Wine. Gelato. Food. Dolce Vita. East side of lake is more developed. Verona is beautiful.




yeah i’m thinking, food, walks, cycling, sleeping, swimming, food, wine, food, wine is the way to go… must download a book on the kindle… Moby’s auto-biography perhaps.


Probably asked you this before, are you travelling around or staying in the one spot in Lake Garda? It is a big place with dozens of different towns.

Malcesine and Riva del Garda are both nice.

Yes to Moby and also Paul Howard’s ‘I heard the news today, oh boy’.


Never been to Lake Garda, @Robert_Emmet, so have no recommendations sadly.


Another tip…only turn on your phone or internet when you really need to.


I personally loved Verona. Very impressive city


All you need is a few hours in Venice. You will spend most of your time there wishing death upon the 6 gazillion other people you will happen to be sharing the experience with, all of whom will need lots of selfies and time and space to take them. The Doge’s Palace tbf is very impressive. The Museo Correr was pretty disappointing. I happened to do a food tour which was pretty good for an overview of the history of the place. If you do want to spend a day or two there then get out and about early (like 7am) to see some of the place before it gets absolutely mobbed.

Was in Garda town as well but I can’t recommend anything other than swimming and drinking


Verona - Absolutely
Venice - so-so but If you haven’t been before best go once
Around the lake itself visit all the villages
Limone 9/10
Riga 7/10
Sirmione 9/10 but not on the weekend and not by bus. Come and go by boat.
Get a boat time table on say one and definitely spend a couple of days going around the lake.


I loved Venice but I was there off peak, maybe April or early may so the crowds weren’t too bad. Two days would be plenty if you just wanted to stroll around and soak it in. The place shuts down fairly early too at night.


I’ll be in Verona in 5 weeks…so close :disappointed_relieved:


I’m finding this very hard to type but based on the last few posts Italy has jumped the shark


Just spell the words in your head first, mate. Makes it easier. Say them out loud if you have to.


Roasters rushing around to see all of Venice between 7 and 9 in the morning.


Verona definitely. Venice maximum one day too crowded.


half five in the morning is he best time to do Venice for a few hours before it gets too crowded


I got some lovely selfies at 7am with nobody else in them guys it was totally worth it.


We used to get up in the morning at half past ten tne night before to see Venice