Holiday destinations for the accompanied traveller


That post makes absolutely no sense whatsoever



He had a beer so maybe tipsy


A couple of lads in their 40s who didn’t get a Monty Python reference, I’m scarlet for ye lads :confused:


I’m not in my 40’s mate. Sorry to disappoint you.


Fair enough, there was this reasonably well known group of comedians that had a couple of funnyish sketches, I used one of their best known lines but it understandably went over your head.


If you’re explaining





Some things really shouldn’t need to be explained


I don’t really get monthy python tbh


You can dander round Venice at your leisure on Google maps Street view. Lads running of to Italy for no reason.


Greetings from sunny Lanzarote guys. Apologies for not logging in and keeping the forum up to date with the Brimmer family holiday ( summer 2018) I didn’t miss much in Ireland over the past 9 days ? Did I ?


Well we didn’t miss you anyway.


Stop lying. You need me.


@Bandage, there’s lots and lots of volcanic rock on this island, will I take a few pictures of them ?
I know from your own vacations you’ve a keen interest in pictures of rocks, especially volcanic ones.


Is the wife back with you or are you just gone to Lanzarote with the kids?


Sounds like a lava minute


Garda is lovely. Be sure and swim. Limone is a nice town. Verona is lovely. If going to Venice, stay in treviso, another lovely old walled Italian city, and get the train into Venice. It runs about every fifteen mins like clockwork, and drops you right at the Central boat station.
Some absolutely fantastic restaurants in garda.


PS spend a full day at least in Venice. Leave it as late in your holiday as you can as the school holidays are finishing and it quietens right down. It is a stunning place.


All here together. How did ‘your’ kids get on ?
Did they get multiple holidays with the various families and fathers etc ? Or was the trip to Wexford the main holiday, with the latest ‘father’?


do they have the INTERNET out there mate?