Holiday destinations for the accompanied traveller


That’s a cunt of a post.


I do buddy, both in the hotel and via my own data bundle.


Thanks. I’m welling up here, that’s one of the nicest things ever said to me on TFK.


Cloud /rain day today, the only one while here so lounging a bit today…train to Verona and Venice next weekend… Did about 14k on a bike yesterday in the heat with some wine on board… Fucked last night after it :smile:


The swimming bit of the lake at garda is lovely. Good windsurfing school there also. I did a few days with an instructor there who insisted on two grappas and a double shot of espresso every morning before we set off “to open the blood vessels in the neck”
Driving up the west side of Lake garda at night is one of the most stressful experiences of my life. Practically on two wheels with a cliff down to the lake on the right all the way, and a queue of irate Italians behind because they couldn’t get past and there was nowhere to pull in



I’m boating it for the most part and cycling… I’m on holidays, who needs the stress of driving in Italy… I’ll pick you up a stick of rock


14km is not cycling pal.


Maybe you should have left the Bentley at home?


I know…makes it all the worse


Other musings from my trip. The Germans are a truly lovely race of people. Polite, courteous, mannerly and always friendly.


Heading back to Berlin next week with some pals. Any tips on afternoon tours or bars or restaurants ?


There’s a small Ramones museum at the back of a cafe that’s worth checking out
The film museum place is great too.

Lots of good kebab shops, bars and so on


Have you done that blind restaurant thing?


No. Should I?


Mate raved about it when he came back from Berlin a while back. It was his standout of the trip.

Wouldn’t be my bag.




Not sure my bag either


Back off to Vietnam in the morning for a week.:clap:


Anyone ever done NYC for Paddy’s weekend??


I’ve done NCW if that’s any use :joy::joy: