Holiday destinations for the accompanied traveller


I was there for Paddy’s Day, but I can’t remember if it was a weekend or not. I can’t remember much of it tbh :beers::beers::beers::mask::hospital:


I’ve heard that Scotty put green food dye in the pancake mix for the day and doesn’t wash his hands after scratching his balls


Apparently he still laughs every time the guy that ate them comes back


Don’t. It’s a fucking car crash.


Open air opera last night in the arena, Verona… Carmen. 3.5 hours was enough but we were able to bring wine in and go for a quick bowl of pasta across the road during one of the intervals. Not often you watch a show on the steps of a Roman ruin… It’s a monsoon out there currently. Got caught in it 5 mins from our apartment, was like I swam home … But I’m ok guys.


You two seem to be having an amazing time judging by your wife’s insta stories.


Almost a second honeymoon…


How’s the missus coping without the booze?


You’re a wily one.


Bob’s all loved up. I’m delighted for him.


Enjoy the weekend lads.


Not convinced by the denim shorts


Is she up the pole yet, pal?


They’re way too tight on him alright.




Is there an app or website etc that can tip you off when Ryanair release their flights for sale ?
They’ve already released summer 2019 for Dub - Ace.
However I’m looking to get flights from Shn/Ork but don’t want to check the website daily for months. Surely there’s a system to let people know whe the flights are available.


Looking for airline sale offers? :laughing:

You’re the modern day equivalent of those folk who used to queue up outside Budget Travel on Stephen’s Day for a cheap package holiday to Majorca.

You lower middle class bastard.


I’ve multiple trips this summer you cunt. Mrs Bradley possibly going for 6/7 weeks with the kids. I’ll be going for 2 weeks and home for 2 then back for 10days or something like that. A bit of prudence and guile can save me lots of bucks.


Also. Fuck you @Bandage. Enjoy your fraught mini breaks in some shithole Nama hotel with the child, €500 for a 3 night break with 2 evening meals and the cabin fever setting in as ye have to have the child back in the room by 7:00 each evening to let him sleep. You watching sky news on a loop as you wonder why did you bother your bollix going away for the weekend and wishing you were at home.
We’ve all done it buddy. I’m over that phase now, thank fuck.


Go to Skyscanner and set up a price alert for a route with dates. They’ll send you an email every week with the price changes.