Holiday destinations for the accompanied traveller


Thanks buddy. Can I do that if the flights aren’t yet released ?? That’s possibly the dumbest question ever asked here, but cork / Shannon flights are handy and Ryanair have only released Dub flights so far.


Download the “Hopper” app @Brimmer_Bradley

Put in the dates and it’ll tell you if the price changes and whether it’s a good price compared to previous history of the route.


Go away you tight bastard.


I think the Skyscanner one will alert me. I put in the relevant dates & airports and activated the alert button for these dates and I assume it’ll alert me when the flights are released.


Are you afraid of driving up to the big city?


You’d want your examined to fly with Ryanair.


Says the fella slumming it in an eastern bloc high rise unit.


2+ hours bollix acting between driving up there and then park 3 miles from the airport. Fuck that, Shannon or cork for me.


You’d want your face examined before I burst it with a slap.


Will you be heading off somewhere between Christmas and new year, pal?


Yeah. Just the usual, Cork on the 26th for the Panto ( Aladdin) and shopping with my princesses then Killarney until New Years.
Looked into break in the sun but it’s a lot of hassle at Christmas.


You really strike an impressive balance between family man, one of the lads in the pub / GAA club, professional achievements and spearheading community initiatives. You’re a role model for me.


It’s easy be a family man when 90 per cent of the people in your town are relatives


Unfortunately my roles in the community and the administration side of the GAA are a necessity to keep me out of the pub. I don’t particularly enjoy either but if I’m at a loose end over the weekends I’m liable to slip away for one or two pints … and not come back for a day or two, the aforementioned activities keep me in check.


That you have the awareness and self control to keep your foibles in check is also a credit to you.


One of these days you’re going to post something original and witty. When you do I’ll give that special once off post a like. That’s a promise kid.


I know my vices and I do my very best to keep them where I can control them, instead of letting them rule me.


Ps. I was going to make a witty response to keeping my foibles in check with a Gillette Mach 3, but it would go over most lads heads here so I’ll just leave it between you and I.


Myself and the missus heading away to Budapest for a few days next week, first time being abroad in years without the kids.
What to do in Budapest?


Make another child. Call it buddy.