Holiday destinations for the accompanied traveller


Get beaten up and ripped off in a strip bar. I’ve heard.


Drink Tokaj wine


Walk over the chain bridge. Take the funicular up to the castle. Walk around. See fisherman’s bastion up there.


Sweet fuck all.


A few days is plenty. We did the aforementioned chain bridge over to the castle. Went to one of those outside steam baths/pools by Hero Square which I wasn’t happy about. A few museums (including museum of terror). Also went to a few ruin bars (literally ruined buildings converted into hipster bars). I’d say the top 10 or 20 things to do on Trip Advisor cover it. Went to a couple of nice restaurants too - I recall one was called Onyx and was very good.


Climb the mountain. Spectacular views. Oogle the women. Avoid the gypsies. Keep your wallet in your front pocket.


Or pest


Three days was plenty but it’s a grand spot, the weather was an unexpected bonus, in the mid 20s every day.
Great metro system, one of the easiest to follow, did loads of walking but it’s very pleasant when there’s so much to see, the local food is basic but not too bad, the ghoulash soup is great when you shovel in the chilies and paprika, it’d be a great city to do some shopping in but it wasn’t really on the agenda, couldn’t believe the amount of high end shops. The ruin bars are quite cool but the bar staff at two of them were up their own holes.
I have to mention the museum of terror, I’ve been to museums all over the world and it’s one of the best I’ve been in, an amazing description of the dark side of Hungary from the 30s to 89, a must do.
Nice city for a short break, 7/10

Edit: the thermal baths were brilliant as well


Anyone been to Bruges?




Everyone has been to Bruges.


Great spot- destination of choice for the discerning alcoholic.


What do you want to know? It’ll be cold this time if year, and chance of snow. Your missus will love it if she’s not been.


He’s taking Brady.


Just any must dos - tho from what I gather, it’s small enough to just stroll around and enjoy what ever you stumble across. The crimbo market starts tomorrow and I’ve Ribs n Beer’ booked for Saturday night – Did you do a brewery tour while there? or did you make it here?


Christmas market shouldn’t start until the beginning of advent ideally. December 2nd.


Yeah I’ve been in there, it’s nice alright but you’d only stay an hour. Fairly touristy. There’s a bar if you can get to upstairs overlooking the square on a balcony it’s worth doing. I think the bar might be attached to a beer museum, but we could skip the museum and go straight for their bar. I did the Bruges Zot brewery tour. I think these brewery tours are all meh. But do try Bruges Zot it’s their local blond beer and very nice. Just amble around and you’ll find stuff to do. There’s some great eating houses there. I’d say go up the belfry for a view of the whole town, that’s worthwhile. Don’t eat in the main square.


If you’ve seen one brewery you’ve seen them all. They never show you the dwarves and hobbits that make the beer either.


have you not met @TreatyStones ?


I’ve had the Zot dubble and it’s lovely … I cant wait to taste multiple different beers over the weekend and incessantly post about them here and drive the usual suspects demented.