Holiday destinations for the accompanied traveller


The micks and their drink. Falling around the place while the locals look on in disgust. Gotta love them.


you should run down the main square with both hands in the air screaming allah akhbar, the locals love that, especially with your Arabian good looks


I’ll bring my puffa jacket just in case …


They have a serious problem with the drink. Alcohol defines the oirish


Any of ye ever done Thailand/Vietnam?? Looking for recommendations!




the lad that posts all the grub up on the ravenous thread is out that way isn’t he


Nice footage here of @Bandage on a well deserved break.


Was in Vietnam two years ago. It’s an incredible place. The food is fantastic and you won’t give more than a euro for a beer. Tons of history and scenery too


Was in Phuket and Ko Phi Phi with the missus a couple of years ago. Phi Phi was unraleable. Sublime beaches, even better cocktails and it all durt cheap. Perfect if you’re after that kind of thing. I think we hit it at a good time crowd wise, in mid November, so it wasn’t mobbed.

Wasn’t there, but I’ve never met anyone with a good word to say about Bangkok.


don’t bring the missus


Bangkok is great, I saw a girl shoot a goldfish out of her pussy and it landed in a bowl of water.


I’d say that’s a moment that will live with that goldfish for the rest of its… hey, a bowl of water!


Typical feminazi - giving the credit to the woman and not the goldfish


Sounds more like the ravenous thread.


Did you get charged corkage bringing the missus to Thailand?


Not a baht.


Did a month in Thailand over 13 years ago and it was fantastic. Trip included:

Chang Mai - trekking in the mountains
Koh Tao - Open water diving course
Koh Samui - Beaching and drinking
Bangkok - whatever you’re having yourself, super spot


Did you see any rats in the street? I was walking down a main street one night and there was something big walking beside me, I didn’t take much heed of it as I thought it was a cat or dog but when i looked down it was a massive rat. He just dived into the sewer then.


One or two, I expected to see more, I’d say the sewers are heaving with the cunts