Holiday destinations for the accompanied traveller


Heading to Dingle at the weekend, chaps?

Any recommendations on what to do and see?


Go into Paddy Bawns and argue football with the locals
Eat in Ashes and Out of the blue,


Would agree with the Paddy Bawn and Out of the Blue recommendation. We were in there over the summer.


Good man yourself. Hope it works out.


This has been discussed to death here, Dingle is a favoured spot of the TFK crew, I’d usually be down for a few days every summer, you can’t really go wrong drinking in Dingle, or eating for that matter, Ashes pub up on the Main Street is as good as OOTB for me


Brimmer knew.The Tipp cunt forecast this last year.





Any thoughts on Cádiz chaps? Currently topping the list of destinations for a 5-6 day jaunt in May. Possibly with a couple of nights in Seville thrun in.

I’d appreciate a @Bandage -style essay on the city and greater region if at all possible, replete with elements of subtle humour and self-deprecation, all of which could save me many minutes of tedious Googling in the search for a suitable schedule for the shrude sight-seer.


Myself and @chocolatemice had a discussion about Cadiz on here before if you can find it. Gorgeous city with loads of hidden gems of places. Lovely beach too. In short, just do it.

Seville is nice too. I got a bunch of recommendations for it off the beaten track from someone in work who is married to someone from there that I’m sure I could dig out if you end up going.

Depending on how much time you have you could fly into Malaga and hire a car. Head up to Ronda for a night. Then drive down the coast to Gibraltar and head into it for a few hours to remark at how fucking weird the place is. Drive onto Cadiz then onto Seville depending on how much time you want to spend in each place. Drop the car back to Seville airport on your way to the city to save you the price of a few days parking and car hire as you’d walk everywhere you need to in the city.


I got some very helpful Seville information from our TFK family on the “City Breaks” thread in late 2017. We did a long weekend there in October 2017 so feel free to scroll back to that timeframe on the thread in question.

I very much enjoyed Seville (general strolling, stopping off for tapas and a drink here and there, bicycle tour, Plaza de Espana, cathedral, huge palace that’s apparently a big hit with Game of Thrones nerds, flamenco/flamengo [spelling? is one of them an animal?] show, couple of nice restaurants) but I don’t know much about Cadiz.


Cheers gents. I found a comprehensive Seville gastronomy guide by @Arseboxin that will come in very, very useful.

Renting a car this time round wasn’t even entering my head, but apparently nearby Tarifa has great beaches and “good vibes”. I may devote a day to it.


Flamenco is a dance, flamengo is a Brazilian soccer team and flamingo is a bird.


My mother came into a surprise inheritance from her recently deceased wealthy godfather

The idea has been floated by her of blowing the lot on a big family holiday. Herself and the auld fella, myself and herself and the little one, and my sister. No timeline has been put on this trip, but there was one mention of a Mediterranean cruise. Would this be a good idea with a baby, and would it also provide ample opportunities to ditch the family? My sister , in particular, has great potential to wreck my head on a holiday. We did two nights with her in West Cork before and that was tough going


By ‘ditch’ do you mean land her overboard?
Just make sure you’re not in a cctv area, don’t bruise her and have your story well researched before you do it.


Another "how high is this balcony ’ musing from @Brimmer_Bradley


Oh a tricky one chief. There were plans for something similar on my part this year. The wife turning 50, parents married 50 years and de mammy turning 70. The father had indicated that he wanted a full fledged family holiday this year with 10 of us heading off for a 10 day break.
My sister seems to be in the same bracket as yours. I was not looking forward to it as a long weekend would just about suffices.
You can now understand why the surgeon was asking me why I was so relieved looking after he informed me he had just found two tumours up my hole.


Is this the same sister that you got to sort the Christmas presents for you? :grimacing:


Correct. They have their uses.


Cruise ships are massive a good chance you wouldn’t met anyone of the group by accident as you went about your day. Doubt you’d be able to get away with that though. I presume ye’d all be meeting up in the same spot for the day and doing the same trips etc. Wouldn’t be any worse or better than a normal holiday really


Yes bucko this would be a good idea. I did a Mediterranean cruise last year and it struck me as suitable for people of all ages. If you booked a big enough boat there would be plenty of opportunity to give the sister the slip.