Holiday destinations for the accompanied traveller


What’s Bratislava like?




A bit like her brother, but with a smaller ass


Thanks mate and @Julio_Geordio etc.


If you had a Slovak contact it is grand to go drinking cheap beer. Avoid it otherwise.


I went with MSC who are an Italian line.


Shithole so?


Harmless really.


I hope you are taking the piss, Bangkok is fantastic.


As opposed to most of the Tipp crowd who would usually slip something into their sister?


As I say, was never there myself. All second hand.


The missus is gone stone mad to go to Cuba this year. Anyone been?


Briefly. Food is awful.


Couldn’t recommend Granada and the surrounding area highly enough. Some great food, free tapas (in Granada) and good weather.


Did you go in the end? If so how was it?


To the Greek islands is it? No never made it over yet myself, you thinking of it yourself?


No, cuba


No still mad to go there too, went to the states so holiday funds took a hit. The whole communism craic is a big put off but it would be worth it.




The grub is desperate in Cuba