Home Sweet Home - Apollo House Takeover




Dominic noonan had/has a very odd penchant for ex police vehicles.


“Vote for parties that will enforce”
Ffs sake, politicians and political parties here are like animal farm on speed. They adhere to radical election promises like bankers to regulation, or oil to water.


Problem here in the main however isn’t the tenants, it’s the landlords who have fucked the taxpayer right up the ass, and continue to do so. Some of the opinions on here are shamefully reminiscent of the 19th century brits.


They weren’t tenants. They occupied the property illegally


No need to refer to his Daddy’s tax affairs.

That’s below the belt.


Tim is clearly talking about tenants who can’t afford the rent. It’s shameful and I’m taken aback tbh.


Flesh your point out there - because a cursory review of it would suggest you’re all over the shop


Will this do?


I think I remember Louise Mensch using a line like this.

Christ, imagine having to borrow a barb from Louise Mensch.


My friend was renting his house , cunts living in it just stopped paying rent. It was 6 months before he could get them out of it.


Your friend sounds like a cunt.


Based on what


Based on being friends with you.


The father had the same when I was a young fella. Went in one night with a friend of his and changed all the locks, waited around the corner for a phone call from em. Went up and gave them 3 hours to gather their stuff and be gone. This was in raheen and they were from out by LIT! The friend is a lunatic and would frighten the shit out of anyone!


Your frirnd was robbed by dirty thieves. That’s what it is, thieving.
If been there myself, not alone been robbed by scum but having to use my own money to clean up after these thieves who are usually filthy bastards too.
It’s not very nice thing to have happen to you.


He had to pay a mortgage on the house for 6 months while these free loaders used every trick in the book to hold tough. My friend was naive in that they had went nearly 3 months without paying when they offered to pay a portion of what was owed if he let them stay in the house for Christmas. He let them stay and the cunts refused to move out in January.


Landlords are wide open to that type of thieving scum.
You need a credit card to hire a car or even a hedge trimmers and you will get nailed if you return it late oir dirty or damaged, but you can get a full house for 3 or 4 years by giving the landlord a couple of months rent and the two fingers thereafter.


Well known out there that you can pay for an anti eviction group to come and protest an eviction and stop it happening. Expenses and a fee for the front man


People on here taking the same line as independent newspapers did in 1913. The Oirish are the original house n word race. A police force out in force to help hired thugs when they should be out helping people who were being burgled.