Home Sweet Home - Apollo House Takeover


As well as being a cunt, he sounds like a simpleton.

What kind of eejit doesn’t do their due diligence on tenants.


But they’re not people. They’re crusties.


As in people whose houses have been broken into?




Strange to see you concede defeat so early.


They’re no better or worse than the cunts trespassing on Private Property.


At least the burglars have the decency to let you back into your house


I generally wouldn’t go to this type of protest as I don’t like the general public and I’m alright jack. But I don’t get the mindset that rails against any type of protest because it’s “against the law”, irrespective of the merits of the protest itself. A whole host of uprisings and/or protests throughout history were illegal at the time, but led to change.


Judging by this thread Michael Davitt must be by far the most unpopular Irish historical figure on this forum, well ahead of Dermot McMurrough or Lenny Murphy.




The Bloody Sunday march was banned by the six county regime.

Rosa Parks’ bus protest was illegal.

If Bloody Sunday happened now you’d have @labane1917 and other fascists coming on the forum telling us that the marchers brought it on themselves.

He’d probably throw in a token acknowledgement that the Parachute Regiment “didn’t act proportionally”, or some shit like that, and mistakenly think it made him come across as something other than a mental case.


Ah stop.


Ireland has always been full of September 1913 fumble in the greasy till William Martin Murphy types.


Whats this now?


That would actually be a great example of capitalism functioning for societal good.


Whatever I would do, it would be more than an Anglo Saxon useless prick like you ever did or ever will do.


“Whatever you would do” would no doubt involve defending the Parachute Regiment’s murderousness.

By the way, one thing you do do is to be on here morning, noon and night eulogising the Anglo-Saxon economic model.

I guess that makes you a lover of Anglo-Saxonism, as I suspected.

Tut tut.

Don’t worry, I don’t bear any major grudges against Anglo-Saxons, as I’m not a deeply confused, shameless racist cunt like yourself.


In theory yes. In practise its just fellas preying on others in a dire situatuon under a veil of faux concern


You’re a stupid cunt.


Sorry, you don’t get to claim capitalism you Anglo Saxon cunt. Capitalism has been around for a long time and is the economic system that has led to wealth creation and elimination of gross poverty in every country that embraces it.

If it were up to useless cunts like you Ireland would be reduced to the lawless poverty stricken shithole Venezuela has become. But you would feel good as everyone would be mired in shit like yourself.