Home Sweet Home - Apollo House Takeover


I said earlier you needed to get new lines, mate.

That need becomes ever more obvious by the post.


We’re all stupid till someone fucks with our family. Go figure.


If people aren’t paying rent or are occupying a property illegally, then they need to get out.

If a court orders you to do so, get out.

The Irish courts are extremely lenient on this and to have managed to actually get them to put enforce an order says a lot.


UUCOAM Matt Cooper reporting hundreds turned up today when it was evidently much more than that. Recent referenda have done much to politicise young people and government will reap what they have sown.


I actually have no problem with increased rules against opportunistic landlords and ones flouting the current rules having the book thrown at them.

You can’t break the law though and this whole protest was yet another charade.

I have a problem with people not paying their mortgages, not paying their rent and occupying properties on the dime of everyone else, including a landlord who is simply an investor. There is leeway of course, but it is an absolute pisstake one Ireland what has gone on. And the ironic thing is that you have complete utter bellends like the O’Donnell clan feeding off of it. The left in Ireland decided that everyone had to be protected, the ironic thing of course being that the “establishment” in the courts have give far too much leeway.


About fucking time the useless cunts got involved


Turnout was down in the last election, after the same sex marriage referendum.


What change do you want? There is a functioning democracy in Ireland. One of the most representative democracies in the world in fact. The last time out the hard left got plenty of votes but refused to govern. They still got returned to the likes of Dublin City Council, county councils being where plenty of these problems stem from.

Protesting is fine, but flash protests to disrupt the lives of people out working is pathetic. They illegally occupied a building. It’s all well and good for a the journalist or the person strolling home to Grand Canal Dock to trumpet this style of protest.


Yeah but 4 times as many people homeless now than then. Public services seem under constant duress. Still nothing going on in rural Ireland and latest round of post office closures will fuel discontent. Pictures of old people sleeping in wheelchairs in overcrowded hospital corridors on national newspapers further adds to the public disquiet.

The last piece to fall are the working classes struggling to make ends meet trying to cover childcare costs, covering huge distances commuting and not being able to afford a home. Fine Gael may not be in the lofty position in the hearts and minds of people that they perceive themselves to be whatever the alternatives.


Councillor John Leahy (Renua) says Gardai were in a firing line last night, in the line of fire, need to be masked and protect their identity against the type of protesters involved here as these people wear hoodies. Just now on The Tonight Show. :laughing:


Another right-wing gobshite with not a clue about reality.

The less said about this other Katie Hopkins wannabe the better.

The editorial judgement exercised on this programme as regards guests has gone to hell since Vinnie left.


Should they only book left wing loonies and freeloaders that appeal to the likes of yourself, pal?


Wait, Renua have a councillor?


They should probably get people who are able to string a few coherent sentences together, which tonight’s resident forelock-tugging gobshites can’t do, never mind not having the most basic knowledge of history, which one would only expect from them.


If you’re in Renua you need a counsellor.


Niall Boylan is an incredibly ugly person both inside and out. Looks like the spawn of Meatloaf and an orange orangatang.


Christ Dublin is turning in to some crime ridden shithole . The perfect setting for producing good footballers .

Anyone living there needs their heads examined .


Looks like the Ducie chap who was hanging out with Ireland’s rose Katy French in the weeks before she died.


Potentially defamatory post against the Wolf there.


Christ young Maeve absolutely wiped the floor with Ivan Yates tonight.