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Beauty and brains.


The market doesn’t work.


Stupid brainless policies from Irish governments over many decades are the primary source of the housing crisis. There was plenty social housing built over the decades that would have been adequate if it were used for those it was intended, those who could not afford accommodation. Instead of selling social housing at massive discounts, there should have been incentives to people to move out of social housing and get on the property ladder. Instead something like 50% of social housing built was sold to tenants at discount of 60% off market price, thus removing half of the supply from those in need.

If social housing was restricted to those who actually needed it, the housing crisis would be nowhere near the level it is at.

The other stupidity is people demanding to live in city centers. Live where you can afford to live ffs, it’s what most people do.


Limerick suffered badly when people were forced out of the city into moyross and southhill etc. The same thing is going on in Dublin just in a more clandestine way. Manhattan is a perfect example. Is there any scum areas south of 110th street now?
Property investors don’t want poor people in city centers it’s been going on for decades and isn’t exclusive to paddy. We just go the extra mile and have the forces of state help speed it up


Or paramilitary style thugs from another jurisdiction



Tim is happy for people to march on a Sunday for 20 mins after mass and then to quickly disperse… He’s your typical privileged wanker that sees people in less fortunate circumstances than him as an inconvenience that should be put down if necessary. Fair play to the brave men and women out protesting what is now a crisis ---- We are losing a whole generation to a housing crisis - People stuck at home into their 30s, families having to live with grandparents, people stuck paying exorbitant rents with no relief in sight, parents having to loan out their pensions to kids for deposits … and that’s before we even get near homelessness and temporary accommodation. Of course, much of this is also due to the cost of living in this country and the failure of wages not rising at the same rate as inflation - but our well paid government are happy to sit behind stats of ‘full employment’ when that means fuck all in reality. They are also happy to sit behind ridiculous red tape that they have put in place that stops them building houses. When we were in the same predicament in the 50s-70s we went out and built houses for people… A dog with a mallet up his hole can see that the population is rising rapidly and there’s a trickle of houses being built. This is a proper crisis … and not all people are willing to stick their head in the sand and do as they are told. I wish these brave men and women all the best and will send them a food basket over the weekend.


Who wrote that for you mate?


Your Ma.


Hummus for the masses.



And tapenade


Fair play to the cynical bastard for using his vids to milk the snowflakes to buy his turgid aural assaults.


That’s hilarious given you are the definition of a snow flake :rofl: … outraged by every little thing. The only time there was any compassion with you was when you had health problems in your family… other than that your attitude is to just shit on everyone and everything.


Outside of the Twitter anger and the media there are quite a lot of positive things happening in Ireland.


I realise you’re joking and he’s a tool, but there’s a bone of truth in that given the intimidation against families of Gardai which has happened in the past in similar situations.

A nasty business all round.


Fairly shit attempt at being edgy there pal. You’re the one shitting on people and being outraged on a plethora of online fora.


What’s your solution and don’t bore me with “just build houses” because it a bit more complicated than that?

Also - protest is perfectly reasonable and should be used. Breaking the law, disrespecting courts or looking to intimidate Gardai via confrontational videoing and social media identification etc is totally out of order.

Finally - here’s an idea for the protestors. Form a party (or push their views through an existing one), go get enough votes to get elected and then implement change democratically.


The “where’s my free house” party


Them lads usually have difficulty agreeing a name (aaa,pbp,swp etc etc) or agreeing a leader (see social democrats) yet they’d have you believe they’ll agree policies to a complicated multi-factorial issue like housing and also be able to implement them