Home Sweet Home - Apollo House Takeover


you are an awful halfwit. the innocence of it.
these scroungers are looking for the government to cpo a building that is in private ownership. arent you the chap with the big site in galway and you looking for planning permission to build a mansion on it in the future.
hopefully a crowd of filthy tinkers break into your field and set up base there, or a crowd of bored hippies. and they make pure shit of the place and cost you a fortune in legal costs getting them out.


Actually, “House Party” is a great name for them.


Does this apply to the goons in the balaclavas who came down from the north? Does the law apply to these gentlemen?


Yes, yes it does mate.


Of course. Why wouldn’t it.

I’m not sure it’s relevant where they come from, but the fact you insist on telling me is probably an indication why Gardai are in balaclavas etc


Then why isn’t it being enforced? A plethora of motoring violations were broken.


Why are the Gardai letting them break the law in broad daylight so?


I don’t know if they did but I agree that tax and insurance should be displayed. Is that your main concern though - potential motoring offences?


I don’t like cherry picking which laws should and shouldn’t be broken.


I’d agree - I don’t think any laws should be broken. In this instance in particular it was stupid as it left the Gardai open to the charge of favouritism


I can understand why the Gardai wear balaclavas, but it doesn’t sit right with me watching these other guys getting bussed in wearing balaclavas to evict the protesters.

Surely there has to be a better way of doing this?


It has to start with building houses tho?… and relieving pressure / rents. How much is the government wasting on rent supplements? It would be cheaper to build homes than keep wasting money to pay landlords. Rent caps – or something along this line – for a period until houses are built and the market stabilizes some bit. Properties that were being rented out for 850/900 just 4 years ago are now going for 1200/1300 in Limerick/Cork. That’s insane – especially as I’ve already mentioned that wages haven’t been raised to match inflation. That 300/400 is a month a fair chunk out of a medium/ low range salary. Help for first time buyers, who are currently paying these ridiculous rents, needs to be more aggressive…. People paying 1200/1300 a month on rent alone and then hoping to save a deposit? - I’m not advocating houses for everyone, and I detest people abusing the system, but we’ve created a system where the people who want to work/buy are being screwed. I heard last week that local councils – especially in Dublin, own a ridiculous amount of land that they can build on but ridiculous red tape thrown in at the end of the last down turn is stopping them from building? – That makes no sense now in a time of desperate need. Maybe we need to change our culture – as in owning a house – but I cant see that changing. One of the first things that’s needed is decent planning – I agree that whacking up houses willy nilly leads to much bigger problems (See Limerick City) – part of this planning has to mean building up, not out… and that comes back to the last point of changing our mindset – but building up for social housing is a no brainer. I’m no economic whizz, and don’t even begin to admit I have an interest in it – but it seems we hide behide terms like ‘market’ a lot when we are not willing to roll ourselves up and do what’s right for people.

So yes – Start building more houses initially and stop wasting millions on rent supplements. Help first time buyers more than what’s been done so far and put some sort of freeze/caps on rents for a period of time until things begin to even out. Long term proper urban planning needs to be introduced – so that we are not back here in 10 / 20 years. How do we tackle inflation? Can wages be brought up? We cant get a Tax break as we are still in shit for bailing out the EU/Banks/Bondholders …
We haven’t even mention the thousands of empty houses around the country – owned by fuck knows what organizations/ funds … Can some of these houses be brought onto the market? Does the government have any power in its own country? I get there is political opportunism at play here as well, and I’m not buying into any of that, I just think a duty of care for our citizens should trump bull shit red tape and appeasing so called bullshit markets.

So in short – address the policy that’s stopping builders building – help people currently renting and looking to buy and introduce long term planning. What you have now is people moving 40/50/60 ks away from home/workplace just to get an affordable house … creating more strain and costs.

But above all ---- Just roll up your sleeves and tackle the problem, you shithouse bastards.


Estate agents need to be regulated better as well the horrible cunts.

The PSRA that was set up to regulate them are doing nothing. There is a house idle in my estate for the last 5 years. An agency bought it off Nama and are waiting for an optimal time to sell it. A four bed house, idle for 5 years and people crying out for houses in this area


That’s the way it’s gone now … profit is more important than people. We are just an mini America now - it’s all about those that have it and those that dont can rot.


lets hear it.


Tl;dr houses for everyone


Da fuq?




Up your tl:dr


Looks like the PIRA are regulating them these days.