Home Sweet Home - Apollo House Takeover


with Drew Harris in charge it could be the other ones coming down to dig out a mate


Indeed. How did the pronounce their “h”?


Your own party controls plenty of county councils where undue restrictions are being put onto height and density. FYI, I think FG and FF are just as bad for it, but SF could be making tangible improvements to local zoning if they wanted to.

I have no issue with protest.

Ad hoc protests designed to cause maximum and unscheduled disruption to others is a shit thing to do to fellow citizens. Allow people the opportunity to make alternative arrangements, and please spare me the bullshit about homelessness being forced on people so it’s just a taste of other people’s medicine. Plenty of the people caught up in yesterday’s charade will he people struggling to pay their own mortgage and rent and get by in the world. People trying to get home to their families for dinner, to visit their elderly parents etc. But a few assholes get to have their special moment to throw a tantrum.

The only people cheering this on are the Twitterati who idle about the day and those not impacted.


the revolution shall be civilized.


Ah would you stop geeing out of you. You’re as bad as that Leahy fool. How came the guards chasing the Kinahans and Hutches aren’t wearing balaclavas so? That is a genuinely dangerous job. This was an ill advised “show of strength” from the guarda and the Law and Order Party. As usual they have made an absolute bollocks of it. There was a handful at the"balaclava protest" on Tuesday There was close to 2000 at the Belvedere place protest last night. Paul Murphy should send a thank you letter to Drew.


Are the ARU not wearing masks?


So they should be helping people who’s houses were broken into… Ok




Reading back @TreatyStones beat me to it


Just to clarify a point, homeless means what in ireland? Living with parents, or in hotels or what? Because there isnt ten thousand on the streets of dublin


Homeless in Ireland means not owning a home. The solution is for the government to magic up enough money to give free houses to everyone who wants one.


… So im homeless…


Yes, you should protest or at the very least occupy someone else’s house. I suggest @Matty_Hislop’s gaff.


You need a forever home


Sure why not im already living rent free in his head


A what now


If he’s ever badly stuck, I’ll let him stay in the lean to.


A forever home.
The council tenants don’t just want to be given a free house, they want guaranteed tenancy for life.


Would you be charging him the going rate for rent or would you discount it?


Happy days. Clears throat

Shame on you
Shame on you