Home Sweet Home - Apollo House Takeover



I couldn’t tell you but the detectives on the case certainly aren’t.


I’d agree with a fair amount of this. There’s also an issue with developers holding land and waiting to drip feed houses onto the mark it. A tax on undeveloped sites has been long proposed but FG the windy bastards have refused to implement it while all the while paying excellent lip service to the idea.
I’d also tax the fuck out of people making large profits on rent. From big companies to smaller landlords with one or two extra gaffs. People making large profits and profiteering of the back of housing need is simply wrong. And it costs the state a huge amount in unspent disposable income. Quite simply, People, even those with very good jobs who have no problem affording houses, are spending far too great a proportion of their wages on housing. And so much of it is disappearing into private landlords/bank profits. I would favour strict regulation on percentage profits on housing. Flushing out high margin investors would free up a lot of housing stock. I would also tax anyone with a second home. A second home (even a holiday home) should be a luxury, not a right.
I’m not into helping first time buyers or any other sector get a leg up (with exception of social/affordable housing schemes) on the rest. IT’s just pumping prices for others.

Also, the new government scheme to let people who can’t get mortgages get them seems to be an absolute belter of a scheme, albeit prices need to come down a bit for it to be effective in Dublin.


I suppose knocking rents is helping first time buyers who are caught up paying high rents … But the big issue for this set is trying to raise deposits while renting - i’m not sure how you might go about it, but reducing deposits would be a big start - i’m not saying they should be given a major helping hand, just a break - i’ve heard of loads of people having to borrow 15/20 grand from parents’ nest egg … and what do these parents do if they have multiple children … anyway, what you say makes complete sense - tax the fuck out of landlords/developers profiteering from people’s misery… it’s a vicious mess really


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Drew Harris mugging off the micks bringing in loyalist heavies to sort out the micks :rofl:


If you did away with the need for any tax return at all on rents sub 1200 quid or so would be a big incentive to stay below it for landlords


Yes it means living in hotels and temporary accommodation really.

The left wing and populists used people with tragic addictions and criminals records who died on the street to further the cause.

This is the type of case focused on by Kitty Holland’s of the world



A load of complete bollocks & completely misses the point.


Good argument - well laid out.


How is it cheaper? The ‘modular homes’ was going to be the solution to this until they realized that they’d cost 250,000 to build what essentially is a mobile home.

Great point. There are load of houses around the country but try and get people to move from Dublin to Cavan or Athlone.


Build houses, drop rents, blah blah blah…


It would also incentivise lots of people to become landlords though… 1200 is a massive chunk of a minimum wage. Or even a half decent wage.


No point putting threshold too low as it wont incentivise people. But the 1200 was just an arbitrary number really

I think you are already tax exempt if you rent to HAP tenant? Or was that a proposal that wasnt adopted?


It’s not all Dublin, pal.

And how much is spent annually on rent supplementation? - where is that money going? and multiply it x 10 years.

I’m not claiming to have all the answers pal - but you get plenty of lads here /in general with the attitude of ‘I’m alright so fuck everyone else’ - so typical of Ireland really … The government have come out tonight tho and stated that they recognize that this has fucked nearly two generations of Irish people … yet the lads here will tell you nothing is wrong and it’s only affecting lazy people/dolers :rofl: - The government have also come out and said they are going to do everything i’ve said here …


It is mainly a Dublin problem though and there’s no quick fix obviously. For a tiny country our transport links to the capital are a joke. You should be able to get on on train from Galway, Limerick or Waterford and be in Dublin in an hour. You can go from London to Paris in 2 hours and 20 minutes but Dublin to Limerick is nearly three hours. Large companies will always gravitate to Dublin but allow people to live away from the place and commute.

Again, that’s just one small part of it but we won’t see investment in that for the next 30 years either.


I agree - it’s all tied into each other making it a big mess. Urbanization. Woeful transport/infrastructure. Inflation. Rents. building regulation. Political will. wages. Greed. Tipperary inbreds. … and on and on.


Rejected politician and populist snowflake Aidan Riordan took a very brief moment away from the homeless crises to celebrate the blocking of a planning grant for 536 homes in his own back yard.