Home Sweet Home - Apollo House Takeover


That was a development planned for St Anne’s park. It would be similar to building in the Phoenix park. Aodhan is rarely in the right but he is right on this one


Are you mad, there’s childeren sleeping in garda stations.


St Anne’s park is 240 acres. How much were they losing for housing?



It is amazing how some lads on here will shout, moan & groan about people deserving to have a gaff where they want one.

Dublin is a disgrace at the moment alright, banks are asking for way too much equity off young people who have good qualifications & want to purchase. The same banks who got bailed out.

On the other side of this though is a bizarre logic by some clowns that people who own property, paid loans on them, pay taxes etc should be told how to use this property. Be told that their property could be CPO’d?
A laughable petty excuse of an argument.

There is a reasonable Road network in this Country now from Dublin to Cork, southeast, North East, West & the Mid West. Why is the Government of this Country allowing Multinationals to build in densely populated areas?

There are areas throughout the Country crying out for new Family’s to come along. Towns dying on their arses etc. These areas could provide lower costs of living and commuting is not at all a fucking diabolical thing to have to do to earn a living.




Just to clarify, in the middle of a housing crisis where shortage of rental accommodation is a huge part of the problem, your issue with his proposal is it would incentivise people to rent out property at a reasonable rate thereby increasing supply.


@chocolatemice saw your reply earlier - will have a cut at a proper response tomorrow.


About 30 acres, for fuck sake. Build away to fuck.


That doesn’t seem like the whole park or anything near to it?


It’s not part of the park. It’s land adjacent to the park that were used by St Paul’s school as playing fields.

The issue was the usual one around the North Bay, the nesting habits of Brent Geese.




Typical. Irish people want immediate solutions to issues as long as they don’t have to pay for it or let it impact upon their life in any way.

Every political party is guilty of this


All part of a wider problem. They are not exclusive of each other.


I agree with that … I threw out some short term solutions just to stem the crisis but the answer is of course long term - I’m not a fan of the political point scoring off this and SF are at the centre of it … Or one Sinn Fein man is anyway.


Of course they are.

If people can’t afford Dublin then they must move elsewhere.

If those seeking free accommodation can’t be housed in Dublin why shouldn’t they move out of there to where housing is available?
A free gaff in Portlaoise or Carrick On Shannon is still a free gaff.


A great victory for Aidan Riordan, his nimby pals and of course bat lovers


My argument isnt about people looking for and being given free accommodation really - They should take it where ever they are given it really. The real crisis is the lower / middle income earners being trapped and barely surviving while being caught paying huge rents. Not all homeless are long term unemployed, many of them just couldnt afford the mortgage / rent etc. any more.


I don’t think the prevailing attitude is I’m ok and fuck anyone else, I think most people get on with their lives and deal with their circumstances. For example I would love to live in downtown SF but rents are 4K a month for a one bed apartment, so I live in the boring suburbs and drive in or take public transport like tens of thousands of other people. The same in most US cities, the great majority of people don’t live in city centers and public transport isn’t great so people commute horrendous times.

Ireland’s biggest problem is you can get from the outskirts of major city to major city but good luck getting any further. Getting around within cities whether driving or public transport is becoming a nightmare.


In Manchester everything is within walking distance and has a good team network. The Tube in London is exceptionally good and getting you around. For all its flaws, the Luas in Dublin allows people to traverse the city in a way that never existed before. I think you’re thinking of SF rather than most other cities.