Home Sweet Home - Apollo House Takeover


Try not to flaunt your utter cluelessness.


If Liam Lawlor, Dunlop, Raphael and Bertie were still around there’d be no crisis in Dublin.


Can we blame Air BnB and the ban on Bedsits?


Have you a brain injury?


You’ve a brain injury if you think you can come on here shouting a few half baked ideas you got off the sinn fein leaflets you’re dropping door to door and not get called out on it…just a few ideas to stem the problem he says :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


This development was granted permission in April. It went directly to an bord pleanala which you can do now under a fast track system setup to help adress the current environment.
It was appealed then by local residents along with 3 high court challanges led by Aidan Riordan and Sinn feinn council or Ciaran oMoore, both local representatives.
Riordan as we all know is appalled at the housing crises and is a big advocate of housing development, just not these houses and possibly any houses in his neighbourhood,
“I am delighted that An Bord Pleanála has seen sense and I will continue to fight for appropriate housing development on the northside.”

Sinn feins OMoore said “Everybody is absolutely over the moon about it. We’re delighted that’s what’s going to happen to it now.”


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He was being a pretend architect earlier. Gas cunt. The novelty of being a pretend hurling fan must be wore off


Knocking the Ballymun towers caused this crisis. Who the fuck sanctioned that?


It’s an issue mate.


Are you even being remotely serious? How many times have you driven around Limerick, Galway or Cork cities recently, never mind Dublin.


I’ve cycled, walked or taken public transport around them all in the last 12 months. Why word you even attempt to drive through any city centre? The lazy yank mentality has you ruined.


Prime Time now


I was unfortunate enough to get stuck in the m50 traffic at 9am last week. Carnage. But the city centre was fine once you got into it


Oh sorry pal… Were you expecting me to actually solve the crisis with an auld post on tfk? I’ll up my game tomorrow…

Sure I’m only waiting for financial experts such as yourself to tell us what’s what around here… But you’re too in love with the smiley faces.


Public transport? Are you homeless?


Make your mind up pal


Is that an ooft? I can’t decide.


You can’t compare public transport in San Francisco to Limerick or Galway or wherever. Anything outside of Dublin or Cork (or Belfast for that matter, and the artificial division of the island is another factor) is a big town rather than a city.

Take a look at the populations of major urban centres in other countries, and the distribution of them and it’s obvious that they are more viable. Our road network has improved massively in the last say 10-15 years. The railway network is dire alright but the population density isn’t there.


Confrontational videoing :grinning: