Home Sweet Home - Apollo House Takeover




Are you denying you’re @populistwatchirl?


PWI is left leaning, calling out populism is different. I am a proud right winger.


The perfect cover. Almost too perfect.


Most of the media are right wing, that’s a fair assessment.


Brendan Ogle and George hook going at it now on newstalk. :grinning:



There are no proper fiscal conservative party’s in Ireland and there is certainly no widespread media worthy of the name. Whinge about Denis O’Brien and Fine Gael all you like, but his media (particularly Newstalk) is repeatedly used as the propaganda arm of Unions in this country. Misery sells.



Most of the media in Ireland are right wing, that’s obvious. If you have any data to suggest otherwise then the floor is yours.

Just because they aren’t as extremely right wing as you doesn’t mean they aren’t to the right of the spectrum.


Where is your data?


I completely disagree. I reckon Newstalk has a massive pro-privatr sector bias. I guess bias is in the ear of the beholder.


sheesh Tim, u brought The Sunday World in to a debate about journalism/media and now you’re saying a Denis O’Brien owned radio station is left leaning? Worse you’re getting.


They are arts graduates. Definition of lefties.


Is today D day?


Things have turned sour. Eight residents weren’t happy with their new digs so have returned.


What happens now? Will the guards try and forcibly remove them?


Send in the clowns.


What an absolute nightmare for the government. Forced to fuck homeless people out onto the street


But they aren’t fucking them out on the street. Alternative arrangements have been made for all residents.


Thats grand so. Whats the big fuss over?


Some of the residents don’t like the accommodation they have been offered.