Hotels In Ireland

Are ye talking about the former Ballsbridge Hotel on the corner? Why did that close?

I used to love going in there before ROI Football International’s. Before the Denmark play-off they’d a live band playing real proper Irish rebel songs circa 5pm-7.30pm and I have never experienced an hour or two of pure proud to be Irish like it. Hairs standing on the back of your neck stuff.

Pity it all unraveled very quickly down the road.

It’s an exec room in the River Lee, not the George V in Paris.

You missed the gym brag.

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It was Jurys before it was the Ballsbridge Hotel. Not sure what happened. I know Charlie Chawke took parts of it on at one stage. And there was articles going around where homeless folks were able to book rooms in it for 20 quid a night a few years back as they just gave the rooms away below cost.

have you tried the dean yet?

No. I’ve not been there. Apparently very similar to one in Dublin albeit it’s not built on a nightclub.

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It’s nice. Had a night with the Mrs down there in April.


How the brekkie?

Heading down next week for bidness

Missed the brekkie (maybe we hadn’t it booked in?) Might have been hangover and/or romancing at that stage. Had a nice breakfast sandwich somewhere across the road alright.

Turntable in the room with a couple of records. We got The Bends and some Arctic Monkeys shite

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Thats an interesting development. Hopefully i dont get artic monkeys

A poor tribute band in fairness

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Didn’t the Dunner’s ex-wife GK have a posh supermarket there for a while too.

Very happy getting MFTJG.

Gonna throw on no good now


One of the great records.

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