Huel. Unreal. 2019 new and improved


You can’t control your weight without recourse to powdered food?


I have many tools in my toolbox. You are many different sorts of a tool.

You’re like an aul lad from the 1970s scoffing at going to the gym.


He has a savage problem with food. The size of the dinners he throws up on the ravenous thread. Ike something a farmer working 18 hours a day would ate. Mountains of food. Thousands of calories. Roasters can’t get their head around huel. He must be 18 stone.


I’m one of the top five most fittest posters on the board.


Huel sounds like a gimmick to me, you cant bate proper food…although its getting harder to source every year due to Monsanto etc…



Industrialized animal production is not sustainable. Reminds me of a conversation a few years ago with a farmer who scoffed at organic food except chicken - reckoned anybody ating any shop bought chicken was mad


Did he say that they would want their head examined?


He didn’t.


The real question is huel or lab grown meat?


Ating meat will be like smoking or driving a ICE car soon. Something only roasters do.


You’re at nothing if your not drinking ionised alkaline water these days


Its like you are reading my thoughts

I’m drinking a bottle right now


I’m looking at getting one of these installed at home. Maintaining a healthy body ph is crucial


this place is full of lads who live screen led, acidic lifestyles


That’s what happens when you’re too mean to pay a couple of hundred a year for decent tap water. Might as well be drinking cow piss


Apparently we’re in the middle of an epidemic of obesity, autism, mental illness, tooth decay etc etc. Maybe common sense and conventional wisdom, backed up with solid unbiased research might have something to offer?


you’d want you head examined to drink tapwater in oireland


Says the lad pestering a real or imaginary Andy Murray for tennis lessons amidst the shelves and aisles of his local supermarket.
Sure you couldn’t make it up.



Dec '16

GM food will solve the food problem and increase cancer and sickness 10 fold. Read any non corporate backed literature on it and come back to me then.