Huel. Unreal. 2019 new and improved


I feel like I just witnessed Clark Kent changing into Superman after reading that…


Happy 2019 to me.



got a lovely t shirt here aswell off them, absolutely delighted with myself, can’t wait for dinner now


Admirable sentiment wanting to leave the planet in the same or a better state however unachievable it is.
Best of luck to them and to ye all who go with it, I’ll be sticking with food for my nutritional needs.


Your kids or grandkids may not have the option -


What will be the lead time on my first huel order?


You’ll have it by middle next week if you order today.


fucking hell, it must be like living in the third world in oireland, I had my order in less than 20 hours


eating meat like a caveman


Enjoy it while it lasts, March 29th is just around the corner.


what is happening then?


I doubt cavemen cooked it as nicely as I can nor would have had the cutlery to eat it in the same manner as myself.
Huel sounds perfect for a globetrotting, business doing, fake paddy/tommy, high powered internet moderator and contributor such as your imaginary self.
They should just rename it Busy Cunt Powder.


huel pioneers are saving the planet from extinction


Planets are going extinct?


mick the muldoon driving his diesel car, cutting turf, burning coal and ateing meat destroying the planet


The planet will be fine after we’ve done for ourselves and, very sadly, many other species.
The old girl will shake us off like a dog shaking off some annoying fleas and carry on.
Anyway, Huel or not, your imaginary lifestyle will most likely lead you to a stress related demise before you hit your 60’s (conditional on humanity making it to your 60’s). I think you should take it a little easier.
What forum do you moderate on Board anyway?


Eventually when the world runs out of food and have to eat powder they’ll look back on the lads who jumped the gun and ate this out of choice.


Obesity number one killer and lads lashing out at a food replacement system that could save lives.


Refined sugars driving them ape