Huel. Unreal. 2019 new and improved


Im all over esker c


You get a t shirt when you buy it. Id pay 54 for the tshirt alone so as for the world could see that im an early adaptor


:joy: I got the grey one, subtle but telling.


Do you mix the Huel in the nutri bullet?


Is it your first time?




Fast Food, not junk food


No wonder the mental health of Ireland is so bad


I was just reading the same thing


This is the future


Xantham gum… Is there any natural version of this at all?
Huel would want to sort this one out before moving to the next level? It’s fermented from corn.


It’s great stuff to absorb through your arm pits


time to walk away from this?


No. I don’t doubt the chosen path.


The Ester C and psyllium husk balances it out.

I’ll have a bowl of Huel granola later as it is the weekend so I can operate at 97.5%. I don’t eat at all from Friday at 6pm until Saturday at 2.30pm. Water and a double espresso before GAA training. Fasting is a key part of any healthy existence.


Means the alcohol kicks in quicker too. You’d be locked after 6 pints. Savage fast thinking for you to be factoring that in.


You’d get a savage feeling of superiority during a fast.

I went into the local hardware store to get a few bits yesterday morning and I had an unnatural spring in my step… Twas sobering to see lads plodding around as their pancreata struggled to keep insulin pump out to balance all the shite they ate for the breakfast.


I haven’t ate since tea time yesterday. I’m savage in tune with myself this morning


Mugs drinking 6 pints and wondering why their mental health is so bad.


awake at 3 in the morning with disturbed sleep patterns