Huel. Unreal. 2019 new and improved



Is it Gluten Free?


Yeah. If you buy the gluten free Huel.


I can then assume from your answer that the standard Huel contains Gluten, requiring them to provide a gluten free alternative.


Pretty sure its all gluten free mate.


What Huel customers are saying:

“Stops me eating unhealthy things at lunch.”
“Cheap, nutritious food - no more sandwiches and crisps.”
“I no longer have to make a packed lunch in the morning.”


It must free up a powerful amount of mental energy for people that don’t have much mental energy.


‘I’m currently pretending to be on a HUEL diet to impress some fellas on the Internet’


Are you going to the intermediate match today?


I might chance it today. You heading to any of the games?

I see Tipp County board did a weekend pass for 20 euro which allows you attend all games. A lovely bit of forward thinking.


Youd want your head examined not to buy a season ticket with club pass


Kipchoge is on this stuff, it’s fucking unreal if you are distance running I tried it today. Only thing it is savage thick.






Put mine in the nutribullet today. Game changer


It backed up the nutribullet?


Have you tried putting butter in it yet?


Does it come with chips or spuds?


guys , a bit of help needed

a few people of work have compared this to slimfast

any robust responses to this?


2 reasons I use huel:
Better for the planet
Saves me time
None of this applied to slimfast
Idiots making this comparison Are chained to their time consuming , environment killing meat and 2 veg ways.