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@TheUlteriorMotive I’m giving it one more year hurling. Have wintered too well due to a heavy social and work calendar and am thinking of giving a hybrid huel approach a go for 6 weeks or so.

Do you drink it as a shake or are there other ways to injest the powder?

Talk me through an average week on it in relation to breakfast/lunch/dinner and the other huel products


shake mate but you could add stuff to it

have you a nutri bullet?


I have a blender.

Was thinking of huel for 1 meal 3 days a week and 2 meals 4 times a week


that would be easy enough

all depends on how many scoops you put in too


What do you make the shakes up with?


just water and powder

with the nutri bullet makes a huge difference


You can make it in a shaker with water. A blender or a nutri bullet makes a better texture. They also do a pre made shake and granola.

You could mix a few Berries into a shake.

It’s about convenience so how you use it depends on how your day is. A shake for breakfast and lunch and a real food dinner is probably best way to do it Monday to Friday.

On Saturday have a coffee for breakfast and don’t eat til Lunchtime.


Would you not be going around like a starved dog for the day replacing your food with that stuff. Telling lads not to eat. Ridiculous. You’d be better off cutting salt out of your diet and go to the gym 3 times a week. Or exercise 3 hours a week at home. A coffee for breakfast on Saturday. Have a fry after a week or exercising and eating right is what I’d recommend.


Huel is a food replacement system. Nutritionally complete. Why would you be hungry. 152kcal per scoop so you can tailor it according to whatever calorie deficit you need to have to lose weight or calorie surplus to put on weight/muscle.


Is it fresh?


They guarantee it’s no longer than 24 hours since it was harvested from the Huel trees.


Roasters think you need to be ateing 24/7


It’s just a meal replacement for people who are not organized — there’s no starving yourself as it contains the same calories as a meal.


'a food replacement system '.
Just what people need. People who buy into this vanity project should have their food replaced with a punch in the gob.


i’d imagine the way we are killing the planet that the future of food is gonna go down this road … the seas are destroyed and you are basically eating plastic now as it is, global warming is gonna fuck crops and so on …


All the big guns are putting their money into the control of food and water … they are not doing it for shits and giggles … they know what’s coming down the tracks.


I rip the plastic off and fuck it out the window. Who’s eating the stuff?