Huel. Unreal. 2019 new and improved


Drop the wise guy act in 2’19 … This is the year truth returns

cc @carryharry


Returns to where? Who’s bringing this truth? Why are you tagging harry?


Stop the fuck acting.


The Sheep need to be led properly. No more Mr Nice Shepard’s.


He is alerting me to you being a fucking pleb.


Correct ‘Shepherds’ while you’re at it




I was messing about re. the plastic. You’ll get over it in time.


I was only messing. You’re the best poster going truth told.


Second best harry. We’re all in your shadow.


So it’s the same as this stuff…


Not really — it’s not a weight loss product, it’s a meal in powder format… it’s just about time saving more than anything, not really anything health/ weight related.



They are meal replacement shakes. Pretty much the exact same thing. Huel is just another brand peddling shite to people. Good marketting all the same to convince mugs they are on to something cutting edge.


I dont disagree with you bro … but there’s certainly a future in it — the planet is barely hanging on, the future is powdered food.


Only lazy cunts indulge in this shit. Make a diet plan ffs.


It’s not diet related


The planet will be grand. It’s survived worse. We could be fucked though. If it comes to the worst cannibalism is always an option.


It’s a food replacement supplement but not diet related? Christ.


its like trying to talk to a wall dealing with roasters