Huel. Unreal. 2019 new and improved


Lads will go apeshit for this for a while, tell us how amazing they feel on it etc.

Then in a months time they’ll be posting photos of frys from Finnegan’s.


It’s the same old fools as always of course, the nutri bullet posse going from one fad to the next. Mentally fragile.


Lads who spend their lives ating pizza and burgers telling lads that Huel is a fad and to make a diet plan.

You can’t make it up.


Their bowl movements must be all over the shop too (figuratively AND literally).


The same old lads, full of rage and lashing out.


A lot of self hate and lack of any mental clarity from ating rubbish all year.


Sorry mate not everyone can stay in good health and decent shape with a balanced diet and some exercise. You will be living off Complan and prune juice by 65!


They hate other people’s success as it reminds them of their failures.


Spoken like a true Liverpool fan!


Soccer is a bit of entertainment, mate. It doesnt impact real life.


A fella ateing nothing but powder calling himself a success…


You are wound up to the last over tonight’s game and don’t dare deny it!


You silly, silly man. Your ignorance about the product yet pontificating just makes you look stupid.


Ateing it and snorting it in equal amounts.


I’ll miss the first half … I’ve bigger fish to fry in 2’19.


By God!


You’re just getting this stale shit now?


You’re mad frying fish in this day and age.


You’d want your head examined


2 bags of berry v2.3-2 on the way tomorrow, I’ll have a good dose of psyllium husk tonight in preparation