Hungover in work


Signing in. 8 pints of a hoppy, yet creamy, pale ale last night. Going to flick through the Lovely Ladies thread for a few hours, then tune in to Pats Dolphins and round the day off with a study of the form ahead of a MASSIVE day of racing in Melbourne tomorrow.


Send us a tips. Will Max Dynamite get the job done?


It’s hard to look past the fav. I don’t think there’s been a more well regarded import in years.


What ale was it?


Stone & Wood. A fantastic ale. Brewed up in Byron I believe.

I appreciate it’s not very hoppy. I just wanted to say “hoppy”. It’s actually quite fruity.


A noble beer, was drinking it recently in the Keg & Brew in Surry Hills. Another I’d highly recommend is Murrays Angry Man Pale Ale, or my personal favourite, Williams Organic Pale Ale, which is superb.
Had a 6 pack of Lord Nelson Three Sheets Pale Ale last weekend, thought it was utter muck, very expensive muck as well.
Give me a tip for the Cup, I haven’t a clue about the gg’s.


I’d be a fan of the Three Sheets myself. I must keep an eye out for those other two.

Haven’t got a good look at the form yet, but the lead up runs of the Fav Fame Game are very impressive. Very short for a cup favourite at $4 but it looks the class horse. I’ll report back on Tuesday with an e/w hopeful. Please note, I will not be charging any fees for this tip.


$4 favourite in a lottery? Fucking hell. I’ll buy you a ghey craft beer with the winings.


Signing in. Got to bed at 4.30ish :cold_sweat:


Will be signing in in about an hour when I can get myself out of bed and get in. Four hours of sleep last night according to my sleep tracker. Gonna be a seriously shit day.


Max D has a lot of these covered on form, smashed trip to Paris who ran well last week. Thought Mullins should have got a run over here for her/him In preparation.
Amralah Last run was unreal, so think that has a good shot, the United States was unreal at mooney valley last week and is a huge price but may not get the run. Currently in the field but all dependant on today


Signing in.

Free bar at the Melbourne Cup function yesterday from about midday.

Started with about 10 (ten) schooners of the magnificently creamy James Squires One Fifty Lashes Pale Ale. Around 5pm, I felt a little lethargic so switched tack to the boisterously hoppy Little Creatures Pale Ale. Another half dozen or so of those were lovingly nurtured. Couple of bottles of something when I got home too. Not sure. Wasn’t a pale ale. I have an almighty shite brewing deep within me.


How are you holding up mate?


You’d want to have seen the concoction I’m after devouring in the Thai place below us. It was a monster. Loaded with chilli, had the sweat streaming down the big roaster head on me.

All in all, I’ve handled myself well although I feel I’ve been quite shaky on the phone and lacking in conviction. @Loko_Cove will be hoping I carry those traits into tonight’s battle royale on the squash court.


Good to hear, noble beers you were drinking.


Back again.


Ya fuckinnnnnn bashtard ya




I had meant to bump the Drunk in Work thread this morning but this one is more appropriate as things stand. Whoever decided Wednesday is a good night for an Xmas party should be shot


Did you make it into work today or did you have to take the morning off?