Hungover in work


I’ve been physically here all day. Mentally I’m a bit dead today.


As it should be at Christmas season. Carry on.


I don’t even have the motivation to abuse lads on TFK. That’s how hungover I am.


Give it time, it’ll only take one especially idiotic post to get you going.




Hope you get through the rest of the day ok, pal. I had a bucket load myself but holding up well… I’m waiting on an important call and i’m out the door to watch tv series for the evening.


What the fuck is this shit?


Welcome back @mac


Its the most articulate he’s been since he registered here.


As my good friend @The_Selfish_Giant says, there is absolutely nothing to be gained by attending work nights out


A lot can be lost though.


Had a good Hugh Heinz before, during and after the rugby yesterday. Stayed up until approx. 4am watching the football. I’m in bits today.



Let me see, 3 beers, a bottle of wine, then maybe 4 pints after dinner. I just can’t do it anymore.

I’m off to find solstice in the Golf Betting thread.




Off to find solstice?


The first 50 odd posts in this thread always bring back good memories. A Bruce Springsteen concert mixed with Celtic winning the league when it was competitive. Good times.


Fuck off Fitzy. Not today. I’m not gonna edit that. But fuck off, mainly. This isn’t the thread to nitpick fragile men. You’re some cunt to even do that to me right now. I’m beginning to see what everyone else says about you. Fuxxake.


No excuse for poor grammar you alcoholic.


This has gotten me through the first hour. In floods of tears here. What a woman.


Calm down JJ